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The android mobile phone cable specification parameters

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-05
Of the specifications of the standard android mobile phone data line parameter is how? Actually on the market to buy mobile phone cable specifications are not unified, some current is big, some small current, have different length, and so on, these are the mobile phone brands more and cause this situation. These all mobile phone wiring we shun cinda is customizable, together to see below, and the production of the specifications of the android mobile phone data line parameters: < / p> < p> product name: android phone cable < / p> < p> applicable models: the android mobile phone, computer digital products surrounding connecting wire < / p> < p> function: connecting line, data transmission, charging, tieline < / p> < p> line core: tinned copper wire core, speed transmission, we are each a piece of pure copper wire core, with tin plating process truly anti-oxidation, low impedance, transmission faster, more stable performance < / p> < p> material: PVC material, flexible tactile, corrosion resistant and anti-wear < / p> < p> interface: USB male seat/MICRO interface < / p> < p> length: 1. 0M( Customer requirements) < / p> < p> performance: the avant-garde design, injection molding process, quality high, nearly 3000 swing test, durable, long service life. < / p> < p> color: black, white, red, blue, and purple < / p> < p> specification: according to customers drawings or information can be selected specifications OK < / p> < p> packing: according to customer request packaging < / p> < p> features: small volume, easy to carry < / p> < p> product highlights: standard design, sound engineering, complete process, high efficiency, 100% excellent quality! < / p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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