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The Advantage of Rigol DS1052E Digital Oscilloscopes

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-27
An oscilloscope is a kind of instrument for measuring a variety voltage level of Y-axis. It will produce one or more different potential dimensional charts. These instruments are displaying the results as the shapes of accurate electrical pulse. This is good for using in the field of science, medicine and engineering and telecommunications. Rigol DS1052E are dual channels digital oscilloscopes. They feature 50MHz bandwidth, two probes, a USB cable and PC software. They offered one gigasample per second, and one Mpts of memory depth. They have powerful triggering, including Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternative. And a clear LCD display made waveform capture, observation and analysis fast and easy. In addition, the adjustable sensitivity can make DS1052E digital oscilloscopes filter irrelevant noisy signals and give an accurate waveform to read out, avoid false triggering. Plus a clear bright, vivid LCD screen, so you can read the waveform easily and accurately. The Ultra zoom is an important feature of Rigol DS1052E, as they can provide a million samples of measurement points. You can use the feature to observe and measure. When they occurred, you can narrow and observe the frequency and mode of the waveform. A user friendly file system always built-in digital oscilloscopes, and providing USB cable you can storage what you want in the flash drive or download to your computer. This device is very light and compact, so it is convenient to carry your results in a flash drive. You can show or display them on DS1052E digital oscilloscopes in a variety of venues and the environment. As Rigol digital oscilloscopes are Pict Certified, you can connect with the printer and print the results what you want. You will find that have a hard copy and you can use it copy, share and archive. You also can get the results of studies and surveys at anytime and anywhere. The function of adjustable sensitivity is made the measure result more reliable and more accurate. When you using it, you can choose which level of sensitivity you need, as far as possible to minimize the noise.
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