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telugu techies make unique magnetic charging cable

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-22
Team of Telugu technicians and IIT-
Madras graduates last year changed the way around 16,000 smartphone users around the world charge their smartphones, and they came up with a better product, MuConnect 2.
0, a claim to have the world\'s first cross-
Fast charging magnetic cable compatible.
The team includes CEO Amith Bysani, Abhinesh, marketing manager and Sharath, social media manager for AP and Prudhvi, operations manager, cha, supply chain director, Telangana, recently, supralax Electronics, a startup registered in Anantapur, is listed and they will produce MuConnect 2 through the company. 0.
Earlier, the team licensed core technology from Conzumex and produced MuConnect 1. 0.
\"The first MuConnect was launched in 2016 through the Indiegogo campaign with $5,780 support from 245,272 people from 92 countries.
We have sold more than 16 000 products produced in Pune factory.
Now, MuConnect\'s stronger and smarter second edition is crowdfunding on the same platform, and we have received about $22,184 from foreign supporters and Indian supporters, since Wednesday, there are 000 people in India, \"said Abhinesh, a native of Vijayawada. MuConnect 2.
0 \"charger includes Mu-
Pin compatible with lightning, micro USB and latest USB-
Smartphone ports and cables.
The pin should be inserted into the charging port of the phone.
\"Every time you pull up close and start charging, the two components are connected immediately,\" he said . \".
Cross-compatibility, fast charging, and data sync and protection are special features embedded in the device.
The startup has patented and certified the technology used to roll out mobile accessories.
The plant of antapursupralax Electronics is considering the establishment of the next plant in antapur.
\"Anantapur is our first choice, but we moved to Pune for various reasons, where there is an existing ecosystem.
Now, once the crowdfunding is completed, we will set up a manufacturing plant in Anantapur town.
The AP government is also working together and is committed to providing the necessary assistance for the establishment of the unit . \"Abhinesh said.
\"There is also a group of engineering colleges in the town where we can find skilled engineers,\" he added . \". MuConnect 2.
There are currently 0 crowdfunding on Indiegogo.
Com for global supporters and Fueladream.
Website of Indian supporters
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