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Telephone System and Telephone Station Accessories

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-28
To further customize your business' analog, digital or IP telephone station you may add accessories to fit your needs. These accessories range from headsets to phone recorders and can make your business communication a lot more efficient. Headsets Telephone headsets are a great accessory for phone system users requiring hands-free operation. This includes salespeople, service technicians, and call center agents as well as others who use their phone for a good portion of the work day Major manufacturers like Plantronics offer both wired and wireless headsets that are compatible with a variety of different phone systems and phone models. Wired headsets typically require an adapter cord or base unit to interface with a phone station. Wireless models may require a handset lifter to activate a phone's hook switch or may have an internal electronic hook switch (EHS) for line activation. Telephone headsets also come in a wide range of fits. These include: Every user has a preference when it comes to the fit of the headset. If you are not sure which headset style to purchase, then consider purchasing a convertible model that will allow the user to wear it over-the-head or over-the-ear. Music on Hold Most PBX systems have a built-in music onhold port or interface to accommodate a music on hold device. Music on hold devices plug into your phone system and eliminate the dead air between transfers and while customers are on hold. Many feature full MP3 support and can play whatever message or music your company prefers from a USB drive or integrated flash memory. Many manufacturers provide pre-loaded with generic royalty-free music and on hold messages to eliminate the hassle of recording one yourself. Phone Recorders Phone recorders allow you to record any phone conversation to avoid potential misunderstandings. Some PBX systems have a built-in recording feature or one that can be activated by purchasing a software license. For systems that do not, external devices like Digitalk's USB Recorder can integrate with any telephone station and record directly to your computer's hard drive. All you have to do is connect the USB Recorder between the handset and the phone, install the application software, and plug the recorder into the computer's USB port. The phone recorder can be manually activated to record any phone conversation, and the unit's software will allow you to add comments, bookmarks, and organize recordings. You can even email the conversation to another employee - no more lost verbal promises! Surge Protectors and UPS Most people know that surge protectors protect electronic equipment from electric surges through AC outlets. On business phone systems electric surges can also travel over phone lines and destroy phone equipment. Installing surge protection on both your AC outlets and phone lines will protect all of your telephone equipment from damaging voltage spikes and surges. Advanced surge protectors shut off power automatically and reset your equipment to normal operation. Surge protectors equipped with uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) can also help eliminate the amount of time your business is down due to equipment failure.
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