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tech review: weckler on the latest gadgets

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-08
Our technical editor commented on Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.
0 and HP Spectre x3 60 13.
399 euro 5 star you can call this long term
Semester Review: I \'ve been there for over six months and I think it might be worth pointing out why I like these headphones and why I\'m currently using them by default when I\'m using them.
First of all, the wireless headset has a huge ergonomic advantage over the body-bound headset.
They also have a built-in
In the features I use a lot: Hand
The free microphone lets you make and answer calls without lifting your phone to your mouth.
Still, these senheiser headsets have some other advantages.
Their body shape is almost the best in the market, and the low-key fashion and design are just right.
This is obviously in the eyes of the onlookers, but I will take over these sweets
There are color DJs on any day of the week.
This is an important consideration and they are comfortable.
My skull is quite large and any uneven place will dig in relentlessly --
But the leather used is soft and adaptable.
These are not the most buffer in the market (
Sony, can be said to be the crown)
But they are fine.
Momentum headphones have active noise
Cancellation technology on board
This means that they cut off a lot of external sound and chatter around you, allowing you to focus on your Bluetooth audio source.
In fact, you don\'t even have to play with anything.
You can simply turn on the headphones so you can take advantage of the noisecancellation. (
I use this a lot. )
The quality of the wireless headset is very good.
There are some useful physical controls on the headset, including volume buttons and track controls.
Battery life is roughly the same as any other pair of Bluetooth wireless cans I use --
If you listen for an hour or so a day, you will get a week\'s time from one charge.
Charge with standard Micro USB cable.
Finally, the headphones are folded so you can put them in your bag (
They came with their suitcases).
1,300 euros from HPshop.
It took a while for Ie 4 StarsIt, but the \"convertible\" laptop started to bring some real extra features to the laptop. Take HP\'s 13-
I have been playing inch Spectre x3 60 for a few weeks.
Except for some high
The final technical specification that I will talk about in a second, its main attraction is the screen flexibility that its hinges offer.
Basically you can flip the screen left and right until it goes back to the keyboard.
But all the points between the two also make it work
If you want to do a demo or simply watch a movie, you can stand up as a single screen.
Apparently HP\'s intention is that it also makes it useful as a \"tablet\", although I still have reservations about Windows --based tablets -
For touch screen operations, Windows used to be, and is still an awkward operating system.
It\'s not optimized at all for this form of input: try switching apps quickly using the touch screen feature and you\'ll see what I mean.
To be fair, if you have never used any of Spectre x JD\'s tablet touch screen features, you will still have a very powerful, sleek laptop. The super-
The slim shape is gorgeous, and the silver metal body makes it feel like a cross between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.
The trackpad above is big-
Nearly 7 inch metres.
The backlit keyboard is also comfortable to type.
If you like your physical connection, this laptop has three USB ports, one HDMi port and one memory --card reader.
There is also a volume button on the side of the laptop and a shortcut key for the home screen.
The bright 1080 p screen is excellent (
Up to 4 K configurable)
Very decent speaker built in.
My test laptop has 128 GB of storage memory, Intel i5 chips, and 4 GB of Ram (
Although the specification given by HP seems to specify 8 gb of Ram as standard).
If I dig a hole in it, it might be the weight. At 1.
5 kg this is a little heavier than other tight-fitting laptops of similar size.
But this is a great option if you need to stick with Windows and are looking for some flexibility.
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