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tech review: adrian weckler on the latest cool gadgets

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-01
Our technical editor commented on Nest Protect, plantrotron back Pro, Alba Bluetooth speaker and Sony A7s Mark ii.
It\'s hard to imagine the smoke alarm going to be like a cool gadget for Harvey Norman 4 StarsIt for € 120.
Nest managed to do this, however.
The device can prevent smoke and carbon monoxide smoke and is \"smart\" in both ways \".
First of all, it is mainly controlled by your phone, no matter where you are, via your home wi-fi.
This means that you will receive an alert immediately if it detects anything.
This also means that you can test it from a simple phone menu or change its settings.
Secondly, the alarm strictly checks its own sensors.
Up to 400 times a day
You will be told if there is anything unstable.
Here\'s another thing about this gadget: it can talk.
Therefore, explain whether a long beep means smoke, not whether a short beep means carbon monoxide.
It actually said loudly in English: \"Please note, there is smoke in the living room \".
Or: \"In an emergency, there is smoke at the entrance \".
Or where you put it (
When you set it up for the first time, you can select its location name from the menu).
The protective device can even work with a sibling\'s thermostat gadget to inform yourself when you\'re home or not at home. (
This way it can test the alert without scaring you. )
But, to remind you that this product was made by someone who originally designed the iPod, this is a little bit of an extra effect (Nest co-
Founder Tony Fader).
When you walk under it at night, the round halo bulb lights up to help you navigate the landing, lobby, or kitchen in the dark.
Really good.
It\'s also nice that you don\'t need professionals to install it like Nest thermostat.
Easy to install out of the box.
This takes 6 AA batteries: you don\'t have to drive to a professional hardware store to find some weird rectangular batteries when it finally runs out of power.
Products like Nest are really starting to produce for a long time.
\"Smart home\" has become a reality.
The headphones are ugly, but the sound is good.
Including delivery)
This headset makes you look weird.
Maybe this should be a minor issue for the right music lovers.
But even people like me
Wear often)
Overhead headphones, these plantrooper cans are a little too beautiful.
For comfort.
They just stretch out too much from your head.
If you\'re not in trouble, it\'s totally different.
The sound quality of the Back beat Pro headphones is very good, and they are also very comfortable due to the good padded straps and earmuffs. On-
Plate noise elimination makes them convenient on airplanes or noisy trains, and the power supply is also clever
The management system gives these jars a good battery life.
Wireless communication brings the usual benefit of being able to make and answer calls and tripping over you without a tail cable.
The 18 euro for Argos 4 starsIt may look like a small piece of plastic crap from a cheap manufacturer, but this little Horn reminds me that I don\'t have enough sound to play music.
I\'m really glad how good the quality of the Mini 1 is. 5-
It\'s the watt speaker now.
It\'s not Bose, but it\'s miles better than a phone speaker. At about two-
This small worker has four small control buttons, including a convenient \"use\" control that can stop and start the music feed of the phone, whether it\'s iTunes, spotify, or other content sources. Set-up is idiot-
Proof: once you turn it on, once you find it in your Bluetooth settings, it will connect to any phone, tablet or laptop you are using.
There are two things about the mountaineering clip on the back: a stand (
Three different angles)
There is also a bag, key ring, or other physical clip that you would normally clip. (
Yes, including your jeans.
Ready, passengers on night flight. )
You can play for about four hours with just one charge (
The same type of micro USB charger used through most smartphones)
There\'s another 3. 5mm audio-
In jack, in the unlikely case, you want to connect the CD player or the non-
Bluetooth source.
In terms of sound quality, this is different from the larger wireless speakers.
But it\'s just a small part of the price, much better than you think.
It\'s really interesting to have a variety of colors to choose from. €3,400 (body-only; pre-order)
N/a Sony believes that the future of high-quality photography is more of a lightweight mirrorless body than a large device currently dominated by such a genre as Canon or Nikon.
Some photographers agree: I know a very successful outdoor landscape and water sports photographer who has basically turned to the \"mirrorless\" camera since they improved to the \"full frame\" quality
That said, it could be a long process.
Top Shot
Often leading the photographer\'s decision
Still aim for the bigger camera.
There are some key differences between Sony\'s new a7 s Mark ii and the existing a7 s Mark I.
An internal 4 k video recording has been added, which seems to be a prerequisite for today\'s cameras, although there is still nothing to do with the 4 k.
And new stability and automation.
The focus system on board will definitely help to take better photos.
There is a big problem, though, that could hurt this camera. the price.
Ireland\'s current a7 is € 2,200, while the new model costs € 3,400.
This is mainly due to the collapse of the euro against the dollar.
Still, a 50 pc price increase could make this a boutique upgrade rather than a huge market force.
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