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tech insider with jessica kelly: samsung\'s galaxy alpha

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-17
While Apple\'s latest product includes a large-screen phone, Samsung\'s recently released Galaxy Alpha 6 Plus is only 4 in size. 7 inches.
This matches the screen size of the iPhone 6.
Samsung is obviously working hard on design.
It is much narrower than previous Samsung models such as the Galaxy S4 and s5.
After inserting the battery, you can feel the full weight of the phone
Too light!
The metal frame is the first plastic version produced by Samsung.
This device is very good to sit in hand, only 7mm thick, very easy to operate with one hand.
Alpha uses the same screen technology as the S Tab launched earlier this year, called AMOLED.
The idea of doing this is that the color on the screen looks richer and the contrast is enhanced.
The phone\'s camera is 12 MP, slightly less than the one on the S5, but still above the 8MP average.
The device still features a variety of health and fitness applications we see on the S5, such as heart monitors, but not waterproof.
This seems to be a big drawback, but this is not the case.
Few people use the waterproof function on their phones.
One feature missing on Alpha is the lack of a micro SD card.
Many people are already starting to expect this on smartphones, but it does offer 32 gb of in-house storage for a very competitive price. The Ultra-
Power Saving mode ensures that the user gets every ounce of power from the battery.
This mode runs out of all colors from the screen and changes it to basic operating mode.
The Galaxy Alpha connects Samsung\'s wearable devices: Samsung Gear Fit, Gear Live, and Gear 2.
Samsung\'s Galaxy Alpha is currently available free of charge at 02, 3 and Carphone Warehouses.
Toshiba has launched an extremely affordable tablet.
There are two versions available for the new Encore 2; 10.
1 inch and 8 inch.
Encore 2 runs Windows 8.
1 and equipped with a quad-core Intel Atom processor with 2 gb RAM and 32 gb in memory.
Toshiba Encore 2 has a micro USB port and a Micro SD slot to boost memory to 128 GB.
The device has a 5MP rear camera that records 1080 p full HD video as well as a front camera for video calls.
Toshiba Encore 2 starts at 8-219 euros
10-inch model and 279 euroinch model.
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