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tech back the time

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-31
As the saying goes, \"Old habits are difficult to change \".
Technology has grown faster than ever before, and now it doesn\'t take too long for the latest devices to get stale and out of date.
This makes it more and more difficult for us to adapt to change;
Especially when something we like starts to find it hard to compete with new technologies and face the threat of extinction.
This strong sense of nostalgia often forces brands to innovate and go back to the drawing board to bring back what was in the past in modern form.
Here are four examples of how companies read people\'s emotions and innovate to maintain tradition.
2017 it\'s hard to believe more than one Nokia 3310-and-a-
Half a century has passed since Nokia first launched its original 3310.
The phone is so legendary that even after 17 years, its popularity has not declined.
Whether it\'s fun internet memes that joke about the rugged manufacturing quality of the phone, or the poor battery life that modern smartphones offer compared to 3310 weeks --
Long standby, legend just refused to die.
Nokia 3310 actually heralds the rise of the Finnish brand and helps it capture the global mobile phone market --handedly.
Sadly, a few years later, Nokia failed to keep up with the market trend and began to struggle.
In the past few years, the iconic company has changed hands a few times to make a living.
However, the legend is back.
Nokia now owns a Finnish company called HMD Global, which has brought back £ 3310 from its death.
Released at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC)
The 3310 restart quickly became the hottest news in the tech world, arousing nostalgia.
Just in case you want to know, the game \"snake\" is also making a comeback in the newer avatar.
It\'s not surprising if the improved Nokia 3310 sales are good.
The players at LP records say there are so many sources of music from where we get it, which is amazing.
What is even more impressive is how the technology has evolved over the past decade.
Having said that, the arrival of different formats and music streaming services has not killed a good old vinyl record or its popularity.
In fact, the popularity of vinyl records is increasing, especially among young people.
Part of this trend can be attributed to the collection of old, vinyl records that look cool and nothing is more attractive than a stack of round LP records on a square cover.
But it has more.
Once you\'re hooked on the unique analog sound of an LP record, the enthusiasts inside you won\'t want to hear anything else.
While the old Grammys of the audio Horn have been properly turned into a presentation project, you don\'t have to stack these vinyl recordings for the sake of presentation.
Many audio hardware companies will be modern, high-end
End LP record player
The best thing is that you don\'t have to spend a lot of money on these roundstables.
Instant Camera (Polaroid)
Similar to the Nokia 3310, instant cameras, especially Polaroid cameras, have many fans. The self-
Polaroid pioneered the development of the film mechanism and was quickly welcomed after the 90 s.
With the advent of a digital camera, especially a smartphone camera, Polaroid has lost its charm.
When other camera manufacturers that make instant cameras change over time, Polaroid is too late to bring the battle to modern digital cameras and eventually file for bankruptcy in 2008.
But, driven by strong nostalgia, instant cameras are trying to make a comeback.
The fact that they still look cool and affordable makes them welcome again.
Polaroid\'s Snap Touch has modern features such as attractive design, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to add digital filters, making it a great camera to add to the collection.
However, if you want to go to the old one
The school is looking for an old man.
You should check out the Instax Mini 90 school camera for Fujifilm.
This is a beautifully designed camera that perfectly evokes memories of lost time.
This brings us a beautiful innovation with cutting
At the same time, the traditional writing experience is retained with their own hands.
To be honest, nothing feels better than writing on paper with a pen.
Most of us still belong to a generation that appreciates the traditional way of writing.
Despite all the benefits of adopting digital technology, we still can\'t give up graffiti on paper.
But Montblanc is a company that combines innovation with traditional craftsmanship.
Last year\'s Montblanc enhanced paper combines the experience of writing on paper with digital technology.
It\'s a notepad of more than 0. 4 million. and-
This pen features an elegant Italian leather envelope to hold these hands
Record in writing and send its digital form to the smartphone.
Enhanced paper includes an electronic digital converter, StarWalker writing tool, a notebook with lined paper, a USB cable to charge the device, three ballpoint pen refills and tweezers to exchange the refills.
The electronic Digitizer is able to identify 12 different languages such as English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Chinese in order to convert written notes into searchable text.
If you want to know if it\'s a premium tablet then it\'s not.
In fact, when you run out of paper on your notepad, you can replace it with any other paper.
This technology is not new, but Montblanc takes Magic to a whole new level without compromising the pure experience of writing with a truly gorgeous writing tool book.
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