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tablet review: msi windpad enjoy 7

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-31
New Delhi: when an international brand launches a cheap tablet, the high expectations are understandable.
MSI has announced a number of WindPad Enjoy 7 with competitive specifications and we would like to see the winners in this area.
There are two variants of Wind7-Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi +3G.
MSI has only launched Wi-
Fi version in India
For now, we believe that Enjoy 7 is by far the best budget tablet in terms of build quality and look.
Overall fit and finish gives a premium look
The smooth front on the back and the brushed metal finish work well together.
The four standard Android buttons near the display are white backlight.
Power buttons and volume buttons are on the side and, unlike most other budget labels, have very good tactile feedback.
Mini USB port on the lower edge (
Charging and data connection)
, A mini HDMI port and a microSD slot placed under the lid.
Enjoy 7 There are 7-
Inch capacitive multi-touch display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels-
Comparable to cheap tablet courses.
Very good response, color and brightness.
Sadly, the smooth border around the tablet is a fingerprint magnet and the viewing angle is also a problem.
Watch from an angle of more than 45-
Degrees can cause loss of color and visibility
This is a big problem if something on the screen is to be displayed to multiple people.
Under the hood, it has a 1.
2 Ghz processors, 512 mb ram, and 4 GB on-board storage can be extended via a microSD card (
Supports up to 32 gb cards). Wi-
The wireless connection has Fi and Bluetooth, and the mini USB port supports mobile USB (
Connect a U disk directly).
In terms of performance, it will not be as disappointing as expected.
The tablet runs multiple apps, games, and browser windows in the background, showing no signs of slowing down.
There is no problem switching between apps running on Android 2. 3 platform (
MSI has an inventory Android interface-
Not customized by any manufacturer).
It even played 720 p HD video directly from the USB flash drive.
To our surprise, it even powered the 500 GB portable hard drive
Drive and display as external drive-
This is not possible in most Android tablets, budgets, or anything else.
MSI will not bundle the USB on the go cable in the box, which needs to be purchased separately.
Another shocking thing is the battery life of the MSI tablet
It gave more than seven hours to Africa.
Stop video playback when fully charged.
In normal use, use Wi-
The tablet connects and uses the app/browse/game heavily for about 9 hours-
This is one of the best products we see on cheap tablets.
The Enjoy 7 has a dual 2MP camera, but both are just regular performers.
When there is enough light, you can get clear photos, but there is also a lot of noise in the indoor photos taken in artificial light.
The audio output of the speaker is very low, and the overall volume is only enough for personal listening.
Overall, obviously, Wi-
The Fi version of Fi 7 is the best budget tablet (
If you don\'t need voice calls and 3g).
If you do need these features at about the same price, choose 7-
Inch display and provide voice calls and 3g via on-board SIM card slot.
MiTab has a 800 Mhz processor and 4 GB on-board storage but no USB in go support or HDMI out.
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