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syma s107g 3ch rc helicopter -

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-03
Product Name: Sima songg 3CH remote control helicopter model: songg minimum order quantity: Monthly price: cheap songg 3CH Sima remote control helicopter payment method: wire transfer, color of Western Union remittance: red and yellow delivery: Month-4 day product: SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter radio control, metal frame, gyro system with LED light.1.This SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter is designed with an alloy metal frame, super resistant and resistantcrash.2.Coaxial structure, stable flight, simple operation.3.Bulit-In a gyro with automatic functionDetect and fix any direction at any angle.4.No need to trim and fly more stable.5.LED flash.6.Auto-Charging protection to avoid overcharging.7.This best SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter toy features a large capacity battery and a powerful power motor, with longer flight times and stronger functionality.8.The USB cable makes charging more convenient.9.Color: yellow and red.Specifications: 1.Mini SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter weight (approx): 38g2.Remote control weight (about): 160g3.Packaging weight (about): 300g4.Dimensions (approximately): 220mm (L) X 38mm (W) X 98mm (H ).5.SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter battery: 3.Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries 7 v 150 mAh.6.Charging time: 25-35 minutes.7.Flight time: 7-15 minutes.8.Transmitter Battery: 6x1.5 v AA alkaline battery.(Batteries are not included and customers need to prepare themselves ).9.Frequency: there is only one frequency.10.Control specifications: forward/backward/up/down/left/right.11.Range: up to 10 m (30ft ).The package includes: 1.1 x small SYMA songg 3CH RC helicopter.2.1 x Remote Control (battery is not included ).3.1 x USB charger cable (free ).4.1 x tail blade (free ).
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