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super micro-charger -

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-19
Proporta\'s products seem to be getting smaller and smaller.
I just received an amazing little charger, about a third smaller than the last one I commented from Proporta.
But it has only about half the storage capacity.
Proporta now offers a mobile charger-
Micro charged from any USB port.
It will store up to 1700 mAh of power enough to charge almost any portable device like MP3 player, camera, phone, GPS receiver etc.
It also does very fast.
It is equipped with eight different adapter tips to suit the most commonly used format.
I have to insert one of the things I hate the most here, that\'s
Standardized connectors.
Why not do a mini?
USB connection standard so you can use the same cable for all devices?
Anyway, if you don\'t find the device connector you need, ask Proporta and they may provide the connector you need.
To suit your specific device, you can get a free one in your order.
Proporta USB mobile device charger Micro is not compatible with Microsoft Zune, Asus Eee PC, Apple iPhone or Nokia N95 8 gb.
If you are looking for a charging solution for your Nokia N95 8gb or iPhone, see our Proporta USB mobile device charger (
USB rechargeable battery)
This is compatible.
At first I lamented that the kit did not come with a car charger or AC charger.
But, double check my mobile and I found a car charging device that can plug in a USB cable.
I also found an AC charger that can plug in the USB cable.
So, I can charge this puppy almost anywhere.
Very simple to operate.
It charges about 75% out of the box so you can start using it immediately.
To charge, simply plug the USB cable into the input port and the other end into the computer.
When fully charged, a series of blue light flashes to indicate charging and to keep it blue.
When the power in the device is reduced, the blue light is weakened to indicate the power level.
Start charging another unit with mini-
Charger, select the appropriate adapter, connect the cable, press the power switch.
When the power in the device is reduced, the blue light is weakened to indicate the remaining power level.
In addition to a range of tips, it is equipped with a convenient retractable cable, a USB cable with a standard and mini-tip, and a beautiful nylon lanyard tote bag.
You really shouldn\'t have left home without these mini livessavers.
You never know when you will break down at a meeting, on a plane or your car.
You will be glad that you have this emergency backup power supply for you to go over and over again.
In fact, it should charge the normal device twice and a half.
To make this important attachment part of the travel kit, visit http :.
It will cost you $44. 95 plus $4. 95 shipping.
I think this crisisaverter a must-
Maintenance and prudent investment.
I \'ve noticed from the website that if you don\'t already have a car charger and an AC charger, you can add them as I mentioned above.
Unfortunately, the battery does not have enough bulk heads to charge laptaps.
To do this, you need a portable laptop battery from Proporta.
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