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summertime brings new consumer tech products

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-28
Summer is here.
While a lot of people are enjoying the holidays, it doesn\'t mean there are no interesting new products coming up on site.
In this week\'s column, I looked at 2 products: one in the field of safety and one in the category of listening enhancement.
They are all easy to use and, most importantly, they solve the practical problems faced by consumers.
Izzbie reminds you that Internet security never needs a vacation. Admit it, you \'ve all been there --
You passed a Starbucks. or the like)
When sending an email online or surfing fast, you will connect to the free WiFi of the chain without any awareness.
Free and easy WiFi access to public restaurants, cafes, airports (
In other places)
It\'s too hard for many of us.
For many, the risk of cyber penetration and bad actors trying to steal your personal data is a secondary consideration --
Convenience often outweighs security.
Izzbie ONE came in from here.
Support Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows OS, izzbie ONE is a small 4 \"x4\" device, when you are outside, it allows you to connect to your home network quickly and securely.
The device can be easily plugged into the home router, and you can connect to the home router from anywhere using the Izzbie app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.
Izzbie ONE uses AES-
24 provide end encryption technologyto-end, military-
In the absence of a third-party VPN, step-by-step encryption to protect your data and provide full privacy.
The advantage of Izzbie ONE is that it keeps you connected when you are traveling outside.
Izzbie ONE provides IP shields that allow users to see what they will see on their home network.
I don\'t usually like traditional VPN Hardware Solutions (or cloud-based VPNs)
Because they almost always have a significant impact on the speed of the network.
Izzbie\'s internet access will not go through the cloud server, so your overall network speed performance will not be greatly affected.
Izzbie ONE also provides the ability to connect multiple networks to form a centralized dedicated network.
This may be excessive for most consumers, but it may be useful for small businesses that manage several networks. $129 (including a 1-
Annual subscription)
During the Kickstarter phase, Izzbie came to me sitting in a bare brown box without decoration.
The device comes with a quick installation guide, a small power adapter, a micro USB and Ethernet cable.
The installation is very simple: plug Izzbie into the AC power supply and then into the wireless router.
Membership for software and firmware updates is free in the first year;
Subsequent annual subscriptions will cost you $8 a month, or $60 a year.
I did notice that Izzbie ONE had a 10% reduction in speed after it was plugged into my router (
Compared to the time it was removed)
But the difference is much smaller than I thought.
Also, I was able to confirm Izzbie\'s secure connection by connecting outside my home and verifying that the IP address matches my home network.
It\'s refreshing to note that occasional stubborn cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Box work outside my home.
Also, Izzbie works anywhere (
Unlike traditional VPNs, these do not run in several countries outside the US).
From my point of view, $129 is a modest price for the secure Internet connection that Izzie offers.
Many consumers surf the Internet in a disturbing and casual way outside.
Izzbie has played a big role in providing high security protection against internet \"bad guys --
I encourage all consumers to consider this cost.
Effective and simpleto-use solution.
IQBuds BOOST: great speakers, not as good as the best hearing aids I mentioned in Forbes\'s enthusiastic column on Eargo hearing aid products, I am happy to come up with innovative new \"hearing Assistant\" solutions, designed to help people with mild to moderate hearing problems.
I once again had the opportunity to spend some time with Nuheara\'s new IQBuds BOOST hearable device, a solution designed to amplify ambient sound and provide Bluetooth support for music devices.
While IQbuds BOOST is not an absolute alternative to traditional hearing aids, it will provide a little help to some people with little hearing challenges.
It is commendable that the upgrade of IQBuds has been verified by the National Acoustic LaboratoryNL2—a well-respected, non-
The linear prescribed formula used in many hearing aids on the market.
IQBuds BOOST is a great Bluetooth product
Enable headphones.
In my test, I found that the sound quality of the phone and streaming audio is very good --
It is comparable to Apple\'s proud AirPods.
In particular, I like the ability to stream audio from my Bluetooth
Sony TV enabled 65 \"(
Side note: Although many traditional TVs on the market do not have Bluetooth support, Bluetooth adapters sold by Logitech are very cheap for $39).
One of the main features of IQBuds is water-
In addition, it provides up to 20 hours of battery life through Bluetooth streaming, if strictly used for \"on-the-
Hearing processing-only mode.
The IOS and Android apps provide simple settings after the pairing process and launch a \"EarID\" process that is basically a listening test.
It evaluates your ability to hear the sound, using the above-mentioned nal-NL2 formula.
While I do find that the Bluetooth audio streaming capability of IQBuds BOOST is very good, I find that its ambient sound amplification is not as clear as Eargo Max\'s product.
Obviously, this is a subjective comment, but I have not found at all that the effect of IQBuds BOOST is so consistent.
Also, while I can comfortably wear IQBuds for a few hours at a time, I have relatively small ear root tubes due to their relatively large size, so they are not always firmly fixed in place.
On the other hand, Eargo Max fits my ears perfectly and (
The most important thing is
Their Humble Design is almost invisible.
The Eargo Max design also has the advantage of comfortable use for hours even if it\'s not a full day.
On the positive side, IQBuds BOOST does include a handy small storage box (
Like Eargo Max)
Convenient charging.
Still, the price of the Eargo Max solution is $2,450
A lot higher than the $499 price of IQBuds BOOST.
In my opinion, IQBuds BOOST could be a great value if you are looking for a compromise solution and also a great Bluetooth audio device.
Eargo Max is a much better long from my point of view-
Long-term investment despite rising prices
Let\'s say your primary goal is to amplify ambient noise.
All in all, both solutions are worth considering.
If you read my Forbes column a lot, I tend to focus on interesting startup products from companies with low brand awareness.
I like to provide visibility for valuable solutions that may not cross the normal consumer radar screen.
My experience is that solutions like this lay the foundation for winning products in the future, as these startups are willing to take risks in the markets that larger \"institutional\" companies tend to avoid.
In this area, you never know who the next Apple or Google will be.
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