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stress-relieving, fun-producing tech toys

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-24
Whether it\'s to ease the stress of the office, to make life easier, or to provide good seniors,fashioned fun.
On Tuesday\'s morning show, Charles Cokes, editor of the men\'s magazine, showed off some neat pieces that the magazine says rank high on \"cool\" meters!
From \"smart pens\" to flying robots, iPod video glasses and mobile robot Web cameras, they all have.
The following description is provided by the manufacturer.
According to a CBS News poll, the controversial police video shows that the Smartpen of Hong Kong protester SmartpenLivescribe is Montblanc-
Large computer with advanced processing power and large amount of memory for handwriting capture, recording and other applications.
Livescribe combines the four modes of communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening, which are simple and simple.
Cost, convenient pen and paper format.
To take notes in a discussion or lecture, Smartpen records the conversation and digitizes handwriting, automatically syncing ink and audio.
Later, by tapping the ink, Smartpen played back the conversation from the moment the notes were written.
Notes and audio can also be uploaded to a PC where you can replay, save, search and send.
The AV920 iPod video glasses cost less than $200.
Inch \"virtual screen\" through dual 640x480 high resolution LCD display \".
Compatible devices include ipod, mobile phone, portable DVD player and console.
The device includes an AccuTilt viewer that rotates 15 degrees up and down, and can be used with or without glasses.
The speakers on the AV920 can be moved away or completely removed for users who want to plug in their own headphones.
The AV920 also supports iWear 3D movies.
IWear can connect to almost all NTSC or PAL audio/video devices via video
Hero starts at $350-
The manufacturer of the \"Guitar Hero\" video game has authorized their name to a $30 toy called \"Guitar Hero\" aerial rock, which combines magnetic guitar dials and belt bucklesamplifier.
After the player selects one of the 10 included impromptu clips, such as water smoke and more than a feeling, \"The Toy captures the rhythm of the player moving the pick-up on the buckle through a magnetic coil, never really touching it and broadcasting the riff. Wearing a T-
Industrial city Jada toy director Brandon girarders used his powerful air guitar to attract cameras and a large crowd in the show host media event outside the International Consumer Electronics Show.
Giraldez says aerial Rock aims to catch the \"aerial guitar phenomenon \".
\"The product will be available at major retailers in part.
Unlike other flying robots in the price range, WowWee\'s $30 BladeStar is the first robot to fly with advanced sensors
Based on navigation.
Yes, it can avoid obstacles, including the ceiling!
Because it instinctively avoids your hand, it enables you to use only your hand to guide it.
That\'s right. we\'re talking about an automatic flying machine. pilot!
Or, you can use the three included-
Infrared remote control channel, let it fly anywhere you want.
The most important thing is that two flying technology swordstars can play dogs!
By connecting the dogfight accessory to the infrared remote, you can shoot at your opponent and shoot it down.
Both the sensors on Bladestar will detect a \"hit\" from the dogfight accessory \".
Since FlyTech Bladestar is made of durable \"high
Flex \"materials, they are crash-
Designed for indoor use.
The $50 launch pad tour, consisting of a USB plug by an electric rotary kit
On the golf mat, a golf ball is attached to it.
All you have to do is put your club on the mat, wait for the green light, and then swing.
Thanks to the fast processor and the \"real physics\", the game provides real feedback that makes you feel the result of the swingInterface-based.
But the biggest news is that NDS has added a technology called XTV that enables a new 3D virtual interactive experience.
Super-electric spin-
Realistic golf simulation technology and XTV of NDS-
Ready interactive TV technology will create an unprecedented virtual golf experience.
While watching the PGA Tour event on TV, viewers can use the golf launch pad/XTV experience to play and compete with their own club at the same time on the same course ---
Everything comes from their comfortable home. XTV-
The PlayStation 3 and many suits offer a ready-made experiencetop boxes.
It is available this spring.
$200 rocket launcher connect to your Windows 2000, XP, or Vista machine via USB.
Install the included software, insert the rocket launcher and use 360-
45 degrees horizontal rotation
The USB rocket transmitter can rotate 6 m degrees vertically, covering more than 113 of the working space.
$35 for Wowwee may be the most exciting member of the WowWee 2008 new product range, Rovio is a one with omni-
The ability to move in the direction, due to its unique Threewheel design.
The most exciting feature of Rovio is that it combines incredible Polaris Technology.
Polaris is a micro-creation
Provide your home with a GPS system that enables Rovio to navigate your home with precision.
Polaris Rovio always knows exactly where it is and where you want it to go next. The built-
In Web camera, with full audio and video streaming capabilities, you can view your home from anywhere in the world, and you can use a reliable 802 over a Web connection.
11b/g protocol for real WiFi access.
Check in to see if your home is safe, or to see if pets are comfortable, or to have a networking meeting dynamically with family members or colleagues at work. Rovio\'s neck-
You can access the installed camera and microphone from your mobile phone, personal computer, and even some video game machines through the network.
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