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Stress Free Charge your Apple Devices with USB AC Charger

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-29
Every Apple Fan would know that the company has decided to skip out some accessories from its products, especially the Charger. Obviously, not all would mind as they prefer charging their apple devices using its USB cables on their laptops. Nevertheless, a charger is a charger and no other accessory can fulfill its need. So, the ones who badly need an USB AC charger for your iPads can buy one from any online electronic store. However, it might cost you around $29 plus additional taxes to buy Apple's iPod USB Power Adapter. Buying an accessory, which is otherwise received for free, at such a high price will not at all appeal anyone. However, options are always available. If you are comfortable with any other AC charger for your Apple products, you can very well find a lot of them far cheaper at online digital stores. The MacAlly USB AC Charger also charge your Apple devices like the original one. Moreover, it is available for a price far economical than the original one and you would definitely not mind splurging on it. With looks more or less identical to Apple's iPod USB Power Adapter, this AC Charger from MacAlly is quite simple to use by simply plugging the USB cable into this AC Charger after connecting it to the power plug. And, hurray your iPod will charge normally. The MacAlly USB AC charger allows you to charge your iPod at home or whenever without having to connect the iPod to a computer. The AC Charger is compatible with 1st and 2nd generation iPod nano, iPod 5G; 4G and3G; iPod Mini, iPod shuffle 1G, iPod classic and iPod touch; among others. Now just plug your device with this charger and charge your device. As simple as that. The AC Charger from MacAlly supports around 100 VAC to 240 VAC power input with auto switching. With sleek and compact design, the charger has a swivel power plug that tucks in offering maximum portability. Its LED power indicator keeps you informed when the charger is in use of not. Moreover, it sports a standard USB port and charges iPod shuffle directly without using its cable and you can connect your iPod devices using the 30-pin USB sync cable. The MacAlly USB AC charger has a built-in circuit protection that ensures safety of your device even in voltage fluctuations. So next time you plan to buy electronics online, get hands on this portable and handy AC Charger from MacAlly.
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