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by:ShunXinda      2020-06-29
Looking for a professional source for covert spy gear and equipment? The spy camera is one of today's most common piece of spy equipment, when you need hidden spy cameras and wireless spy cameras that really work, are professional quality, and are easy to install, trust the source that the professional use. Our surveillance equipment is second to NONE. We take pride in ensuring that the surveillance equipment we sell to you is the same surveillance equipment we woule sell to our friends and family. My passion is the truth, isn't just another company, it's my life's work. It's what I believe in. It's what I believe in. If you'are like me you work hard to get what you have. You do the right thing day in and day out without any thanks or as much as a pat on the back. And all you want is the truth. Everyone Needs A Pen Recording Device Have you ever wished you had a digital voice recorder on hand at moment's notice without having to carry around a bulky recording device? The Spy Pen with Sound Activated Camera is a fully functional ball point pen and a stealthy digital voice recorder all in one. The pinhole camera comes housed in the slimmest spy pen camera on the market. Whether you're on the road or at home you can also use this pen as a webcam. With M-Jpeg compression your video files are formatted effciently in the 8GB of internal memory. And so you never forget what time or time of day you recordings took place this pen also imprints the time and date on the screen. Easily turn the recorder on by pressing the clip on the pen down. Stop recording by sliding the clip back up. It's that easy. The ultra small size of the pen now allows USB downloading of the files. Share your digital voice recording from this pen via e-mail, burn to a CD or insert sound files into your favorite video editin g program for use with surveillance video. Charge the internal battery with your USB port on your computer or use the included AA battery holder and charge it on the go. This spy pen camera comes with a USB data transfer cable, a pen refil, a manual and CD. Also included is a mini screwdriver, protable AA battery pack and key chain adapter. HD Mini Pinhole USB Flash Disk Camera Motion-Activated You have a secret identity so why should't your computer accessories have one as well? The HD Mini Pinhole USB Flash Disk Camera with Motion-Activated DVR looks like an ordinary flash drive, and you can use it as one. But in addition to the usual digital storage, its ordinary exterior concels something unexpected. It is also a DVR that records high resolution 1280 x 960 video. It doesn't have to be plugged into a PC to record lectures or to watch your office with just a single touch, and with its motion activated mode you don't even need to be there to start it! The flash drive needs no cables or batteries, making perfect for the covert operative on the go. The support for up to 32GB Micro SD cards allows you to capture hours of foota ge in its memory. This ultra sohisticated device takes multitasking to the next level . Undetectable Tiny Bluetooth Hands Free Earphone Set It seems like everyone is wearing a Bluetooth headset these days. You'll fit into the environment perfectly. This Undetectable Bluetooth Earphone set comes with a super tiny Bluetooth earpiece and a transmitter with neck strap, the tiny Bluetooth earpiece just looks like an earplug, it can be put into your ear comfortable, and hardly to be detected. With the Bluetooth control neck strap device, you can receive and talk phone calls secretly. This undetectable Bluetooth earphone set is perfect for those who want to have a secret phone conversation. This undetectable tiny Bluetooth earphone works perfectly as a hands free kit for your iPhone and other mobile phones, its 2.1 Bluetooth version provides most compatibility to work with almost all kinds of mobile phone which has Bluetooth module built-in, so you can rely on this cool little Bluetooth gadget to secretly and covertly deliver voice message between you and your partner whenever you want, and no one will detect this tiny Bluetooth earpiece you are wearing. Motion-Activated Clothes Hook DVR This hidden covert coat hook DVR spy camera is a great choice for both home and business recording. No one will ever expect you to be recording with this ordinary looking clothes hook. Just hang on any door or wall to provide you with the ability to record what happens in your home or business. This clothes hook dvr is a fully sefl-contained recording system with a built-in camera, microphone and DVR recorder. Because this DVR is battery operated, it allows protability, allowing you to place the camera anywhere you need it, and then press a button on the camera to start recording video and audio when motion is detected. This camera has built-in motion detection which can be used to record only when it pick up movement. Once you have your recording just play it back on your computer. The HD 2.0 MegaPixel image sensor records video in sync with audio at 1280x960 resolution. This will support up to 16GB Micro SD cards. Video can be played back using Windows Media Player or VLCPlayer on your computer. On this page are a few of our spy camera products. For the full range of hidden spy cameras, wireless spy cameras, spy cameras for home, wired spy cameras, wholesale spy cameras please go to our main video spy cameras equipment section to visit our store.
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