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sony unveils playstation classic with 20 games for rm429

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-31
Sony is on the nostalgic train-the company has announced it will release a miniature version of its first console, the PlayStation Classic.
Eric Lempel, senior vice president of global marketing at PlayStation, said Sony is restoring its original PlayStation Experience, which will be 45% smaller than the original and equipped with similar controllers.
\"The original PlayStation was introduced into the world about 25 years ago.
Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it is the first home console in video game history to ship 100 million devices worldwide, providing consumers with an opportunity to play games with real devices
In an article on the Playstation blog, he said: \"time 3D renders graphics in their home for the first time . \".
The PlayStation Classic will be
20 classic games such as Final Fantasy seven, jump flash, Ridge racing 4, Iron Fist 3 and wild weapons. All of the pre-
The loaded game will be played in its original format, and more games will be announced soon.
Cartridges are not supported on the micro console, but turned on-
Board memory used to save the game. \"Long-
Fans of time will appreciate the nostalgia brought about by rediscovering the games they know and like, while players who may be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience of starting it all, he said.
The To console will be released in Malaysia on December 3 for rm429.
Although the AC adapter will be sold separately, each unit will also be equipped with an HDMI cable connecting the TV, a USB cable for the power supply and two controllers.
The release date will coincide with the anniversary of the Playstation console, which was released in Japan on 1994.
Nintendo released a similar game console NES Classic version at the end of 2016, allowing players to play 30 Nintendo Classics.
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