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sony unveils playstation classic mini console

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-29
Almost 25 years after its debut, the original PlayStation came back.
Following Nintendo\'s lead in the retro console, Sony has announced it will bring back its original PlayStation in mini form. Priced at $99.
99, PlayStation Classic available for pre-
Ordered through select retailers in the US and Canada.
It is planned to launch in December.
3-1994, the original first listing on the same day.
The PlayStation Classic is about 45% smaller than the original one, but from the controller and packaging it looks almost the same. It comes pre-
Loaded with 20 retro games including Final Fantasy seven, jump flash, Ridge racing 4, Iron Fist 3 and wild weapons.
A HDMI cable is also included in the box so you can connect it to the TV, as well as a USB cable and two controllers.
\"It was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, the first home console in the history of video games to sell 100 million units worldwide, providing consumers with a real-
Eric Lempel of Time Marketing wrote in a blog post on Tuesday: \"time 3D renders graphics in their home for the first Time . \". \"Long-
Fans of time will appreciate the nostalgia brought about by rediscovering the games they know and love, and players who may be new to the platform can enjoy the breakthrough PlayStation console that launches it allAll of the pre-
The loaded game will play in its original format.
\"If Nintendo\'s retro consoles NES Classic and SNES Classic are any indication, the PlayStation Classic will be very popular.
When the first retro NES Classic game was launched at the end of 2016, Nintendo sold about 2.
Sold 3 million units in five months and sold out by July 2017.
It then sold 5 million SNES Classic units in a few months.
The article was originally on PCMag. com.
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