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Sony PS2 SCPH 90004 CB Price In India

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-30
The Sony SCPH 90004 CB PlayStation2 belongs to the sixth generation video gaming console designed by Sony for Play Station Series. The best selling game console is known for its amazing collection of games and high-resolution 3D graphics. The compact gaming console has a charcoal black chassis which you can keep conveniently below your LCD panel. The console comes with a sleek & sophisticated design that does not occupy much space and looks stylish. Slim and lightweight it is the perfect device for your living room. It is no thicker than a hardcover book. As there is no additional AC Adapter with power cable, it is very convenient to carry around and provides an uncluttered look. The PlayStation 2 can stand or lie flat depending on the available area. You can connect it into your home theater, to get really sharp picture and high-quality sound. On top of that, it can also play DVDs and audio CDs and offers online gaming to both broadband and dial-up users via integrated Ethernet port. So, it turns out to be a very flexible gaming console. The PlayStation 2 has a 4 pin USB Type connector, a composite AV cord in the box as well as S-Video and component-video connectors. The world leader in interactive computer entertainment system, it delivers life like gaming experience. It is built on the foundation of a unique Emotion Engine chip. The Emotion Engine collectively brings gravity, friction and elements such as fire and snow and the final result is physically stimulating games with mind blowing 3D graphics. Fog effects, Texture lighting are other elements that make the games interesting. It comes with unlimited game-play options. It is supported by vast range of over 500 games and 32MB installed memory with 5mb video memory. The games are so realistic that you will find it hard to believe they are just 3D characters as you can even relate to how they act, think and behave. Other than the videos the audio is superb as it comes equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS sound which deliver amazingly real sound effects and the background music based on the mood of the moment delivers a truly emotional experience for the players. This play station model is equipped with DUALSHOCK2 SCPH-10010E analog controller that lets you experience more spontaneous gaming. The game pad controller comes with vibration and pressure sensitivity so that you can actually feel the effects of the game. The Sony PS2 has only 32 MB built-in memory without extra memory support, and it also lacks Bluetooth support. The Sony SCPH 90004 CB PlayStation2 is a new upgraded console from the series with more intuitive gaming experience. The amazing fusion of interactive entertainment with music and video produces a grand entertainment package. With a huge collection of games, along with a competitive price tag and online gaming option this is and will always be an alluring gaming option for game lovers.
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