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sony h.ear on wireless nc (mdr-100abn) headphones review

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-30
Sony\'s headset range extends from Rs to a wide range of listeners and budgets. 590 to Rs. 41,990.
So no matter what kind of headphones you are looking for, you can choose Sony.
Whether it\'s a enthusiast, wireless, noise-
Cancel or just the normal headset you are looking for and Sony has covered it for you.
Let\'s review the new Sony h today.
Ears on Wireless NC (MDR-100ABN)
Headphones with Bluetooth and digital noise-
Remove the technology as a convenient excessiveear design. Priced at Rs.
21,990, the headset is definitely the high end product of the series, but the feature set may be enough to convince many buyers.
Learn all about headphones in our review.
Design, specifications and comfort
100ABN headset with 40mm dome-
Type driver with frequency response range of 5-40,000Hz.
When a stereo cable is used, the impedance is 32 ohms, and the group is powered on and amplified internally using it, or when the source device is used, the impedance is 16 ohms.
There are two microphones on the headset to improve voice processing.
A hard suitcase and a 1 are also included in the sales package.
2 m stereo cable and Micro
USB cable for charging headphones.
It is wireless to use a Bluetooth connection, or by connecting a stereo cable and connecting it to 3.
5mm outlets for the source device.
If you\'re using Bluetooth, NFC is also available on the left ear cup for quick pairing, as well as LDAC for better audio transmission.
Power and noise on the left ear cup-
Cancel the control button, 3.
5mm input socket, MicroUSB port.
The right ear cup has a volume rocker and track control switch.
When using Bluetooth, pressing the switch will pause or play the music on the supported device, while sliding the music in either direction will go to the next or previous track.
The headset is actually exactly the same as the Rs. 12,990 h. ear On (MDR-100AAP)
Not only in appearance, but also in terms of drivers that power the headset.
This is a good-looking headset that, although almost entirely made of plastic, gives a strong and premium feel.
The frame of the headband is metal and there is a thick padding on the base of the earmuffs and headband.
Although it weighs 290g, it is always comfortable enough for continuous wear. The around-
The ear fit completely surrounds your ears, so you need to take it off for at least a few seconds every half hour or so to relax your ears.
The headset has a simple mechanism that allows the cup to fold inward for storage.
We recommend to be careful when turning on the headphones as this mechanism will squeeze and hurt you (
This happened on multiple occasions for US).
In addition, the eardrum is slightly rotated and the headband has a standard adjustment mechanism to ensure a comfortable fit.
Although the charging speed is very slow, the battery is rated to power the headset for up to 20 hours of continuous playback time.
By plugging the headset into the PC, it took about six hours to fully charge it, and when we used the wall power adapter, it was slightly faster to charge.
At least you can use the headset by simply plugging in the cable, even if it is powered off.
Performance we tested Sony h using Android smartphones.
Headphones on Wireless NC headphones can listen to music, videos, etc.
During the review we tested the noise
Cancel features and audio via wired and wireless connection.
It is worth noting that even when using headphones with cables, turning on the headset power will activate the internal amplifier to slightly improve the sound.
The key tracks of the review are the Lotus of Dinka and the lovely day of Bill Withers.
Starting with the Progressive Rail Lotus, when it comes to bass and attack, we are seen as a clean sound that is very aggressive.
The sound is very clear and detailed even with Bluetooth listening.
There must be a slight spike on the submarine.
Bass level, which makes a fun bass
Directional sound signature, works well with fast attack music.
It\'s not too radical, so the sound keeps it comfortable even with a more gentle track.
Continuing the lovely day, we noticed that the sound stage was very wide and the sound stage became wider when using headphones with cables and internal amplification.
This makes for an immersive sound experience, thanks to the absolute loudness and sound insulation design of the headset.
The imaging is also great and the single instrument feels real and present.
While the lows dominate the hearing, the mid-tone and high-point do pass through clearly, so the sound is interesting.
We tested the noise.
Play Music and cancel through silence.
Most of our tests were carried out in an office environment, and the headphones did an admirable job of mute typical drone and chat.
However, like all the noise --
Cancel the headphones and not simply turn off all the noise.
People who speak near US can hear clearly, though much softer than they are.
In an environment where there is no such irregular noise, such as at home, silence is sometimes almost creepy and disturbing, indicating how good it is to cancel the noise.
When using noise-
With the music cancellation function, the headset can easily send the noise reversal frequency together with the real source audio.
This leads to a more isolated sound that is not limited by any external or environmental sound.
In this case, all we hear is music, nothing else, which is refreshing.
VerdictSony\'s range of products has been focused on the low end, and it is unlikely that a budget buyer will choose a brand that is considered a \"mass market.
H. products such
The ears of Wireless NC should be of great help in helping to change this perception.
With this headset, Sony has shown it has the ability to produce a powerful headset
Full of headphones. The h.
The ear on Wireless NC is an excellent headset thanks to its immersive sound, excellent noise cancellation and decent battery life.
Also, it\'s good-
Comfortable to build and extremely convenient to use.
This is a product that you can get used to soon. However, at Rs.
21,990, also a bit expensive.
Although this is an important step beyond the multi-drug resistance
The 100AAP headset seems a bit different due to the features it offers.
It seems to us that this headset is a bit expensive.
However, noise if you want a pair of wireless headphones-
In a solid package, Sony h cancels and a huge immersive sound
Ear on Wireless NC is definitely worth considering. Price: Rs.
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