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sony ericsson\'s ‘x\' factor

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-14
Remember your first love at school?
As soon as you see her, you think she\'s the only one for you.
Your heart jumped. there are butterflies in your stomach. you can\'t stop laughing.
Well, when we first came into contact with Sony Ericsson Xperia x10, we didn\'t react much differently.
It gets better from there.
Not many phones are close to the iPhone in terms of user interface and touch sensitivity.
We have already compared with companies like Motorola Milestones, HTC Legend and Nexus One, and now Sony Ericsson has launched the latest sexy Xperia X10.
Impressive 4-
The inch WVGA touch screen, at least in terms of screen size and display, beat the iPhone.
Even in direct sunlight, the bright screen will not disappoint.
Sony Ericsson claims scratches on screen surface
But there are already a few of these phones that mark the beauty of this amazing phone.
The capacitive touch screen responds quickly;
All it takes to implement a function or type an alphabet is to touch it gently.
The options for Android keyboard and standard keyboard layout make texting simple.
While typing in X10\'s \"portrait\" mode may feel a bit cramped, typing in landscape mode is a pleasure, especially for SMS or IM-addicts.
Below the screen are three stylish buttons designed to perform multiple operations.
The \"return/return\" button is on the right, and the middle button will take you to the home screen or Timescape as you like.
Button pop-up app on the left-
A specific menu when using a specific app or feature in your phone.
There is a power button on the top panel;
A slight press will lock the phone, and the other will prompt you to slide the unlock home screen with the stylish angle of your finger.
There are 3 mobile phones.
5mm audio jack and micro USB connector.
You can transfer data through a USB slot and charge your phone.
The top of the screen is a slim panel permanently displayed-
Display time, signal strength, and battery.
It also provides you with updates on new text, IMs, calls, etc.
When there is new text or missed calls, the LED indicator on the top panel of the phone flashes green and flashes red when the phone is under power.
The phone will also automatically pop up a reminder that the battery is 15 cents or less, prompting you to plug in the charger.
Timescape is a feature that attracts \"virtual social butter.
When these accounts are logged in, it shows updates to Facebook and Twitter, along with the most recent history of your information, call records, emails, photos and music.
The update is displayed as a stack screen shot and you can browse by simply swiping your finger up.
Another interesting feature Mediascape integrates all the multimedia on your phone and shows it on a handy screen.
It includes all the music and videos you play and the photos you take.
It gives you the option to add web photos and display media that have been recently played or recently added.
You can also select and save your favorite videos, music, or best photos in a separate category in Mediascape.
Xperia X10 gives you the option to set Timescape to the main screen or to select the Android home screen.
By default, the Android home screen displays Mediascape, Timescape, Dialer, and message icons at the bottom, with three customizable home screens.
You can customize the shortcuts of your app to easily be on the screen-touch access.
We have Facebook, Google Talk and Gmail on our test unit.
There is an arrow at the bottom of each home screen, swiping up will pop up the menu screen and you can scroll easily.
The touch interface works fine here, and when scrolling we end up not activating any icons.
Whether it\'s using any feature of the phone, there\'s an icon to Take You There
Features such as calendars and alerts are installed, or use any games and apps you download from the Android market.
If you swipe your finger to the left, the second home screen will slide, giving you options such as turning on Bluetooth, switching to flight mode, etc.
There is also a quick search bar at the top supported by Google, which will not only show the search results of your phone (
For example, typing \"ma\" will show the map, the market, and any contacts that start with two letters, such as \"mark \")
You can also search the results of the word online.
Swiping to the right will pop up a screen showing a screenshot of the website you visit most often as well as your browsing history, so it functions like a handy bookmark tag.
Based on the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, the Xperia X10 will not be disappointing in terms of performance.
The phone opens and runs the app easily.
It also provides an excellent browsing experience.
You don\'t have to wait for the site to load for a long time, and if you want to open a few of them, you can easily switch from one window to another by showing the screen of multiple windows.
Text messages on the phone are posted as posts, so we can easily track the conversation.
The contact screen is also easy to scroll due to the responsive accelerometer.
If you don\'t want to scroll, you can select your contacts by touching the alphabet from the list on the right.
On the 8 th, we were deeply impressed. 1-
Meg cameras with up to 16 x zoom are available.
When shooting indoors, the portrait works well and the camera seems to have made excellent adjustments based on ambient light.
Some images are slightly grainy when taken in case of insufficient light, but almost all with ultra-
Even in this department, small lenses and Xperia X10 perform better than their peers.
The touch screen allows you to \"touch the focus\" when you are ready to capture the object \".
The camera also allows location
Mark, face and smile detection.
Once you have captured the image, you have the option to upload it directly to Facebook, Gmail, Picasa or Moxier mail.
The images are all stored in Mediascape, sorted based on which images are \"recently taken\" or \"recently viewed.
X10 comes with Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube, Facebook, and a Moxier app suite that includes calendars, contacts, mail, tasks, and syncing.
It easily connects and loads Gmail, Google Talk, and Facebook.
It\'s also easy to sync your phone.
Connect the phone to a PC or laptop, and a small notification icon appears on the ultra-thin top panel on the screen.
Swipe the icon down and you can choose to connect USB and transfer files to your computer.
The quality of the call is average, and we can hear each other in noisy and crowded places.
However, we found that although this can be attributed to the signal strength of the service provider, there are often some fluctuations in call quality.
While not disappointing in terms of basic functionality, Android 1.
The 6 platforms that Xperia X10 is using are now \"out of date \".
Rumors say Mills is working on Froyo for the latest Android (Ver 2. 2)
Many phones are already running on Android Eclair.
When you rotate the phone, the phone has an acceleration sensor to switch the display mode to landscape and portrait.
Although it works smoothly most of the time (
Although not to blur the screen in a second or two)
, It sometimes fails to switch to landscape mode.
We also found that there will be a slight delay when displaying photos of Mediascape.
The company has put in 1500 of its batteries, but it only lasts for about a whole day, even though Timescape is every 2-3 hours.
The battery lasts longer (
About three days)
When the app is not running all day, only a few hours of talk time and browsing time are timed.
Sony Ericsson also offers you the option to carry additional batteries, but this is not included in the unit we reviewed.
Positives is one of the best phones in the Sony Ericsson camp, and its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
This is definitely an opportunity for people who want to impress.
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