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by:ShunXinda      2019-09-19
The Asus PadFone is a very quirky gadget, but the idea behind it is very reasonable.
Sometimes smartphones are not enough to achieve your goals.
Writing a long email on a small phone screen is like using your non
Advantage hand: time-
After consumption, messy and difficult to decipher.
The ability to slide smartphones into the body of a tablet sounds like an innovative solution to modern problems.
What Asus has implemented in PadFone is this concept;
Kit with smartphone and tablet case included.
Plug the smartphone into this case, both running like a fully functional tablet and sharing the same memory, apps, internet connection and camera.
The phone part of the PadFone suite works just like any other Google Android smartphone. It\'s slender (9. 2mm thin), lightweight (129g)
It runs a fairly original version of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich software.
Open it, 4 of PadFone. 3-
The inch Super AMOLED screen displays software like Google\'s phone.
It uses 1 to achieve this. 5GHz dual-
Core chip and 1 gb memory
Important specifications as they are also used in the tablet section running the PadFone kit.
Users can store 16 gb of apps in the app built into this phone
In memory and add more through the MicroSD slot.
Switching from a smartphone to a tablet is simple.
There is an opening on the rear panel of the PadFone Station tablet terminal.
Slide the phone into this pocket and dock it with a micro USB and micro HDMI connection to bring the station to life.
The screen lit up in a few seconds.
10 PadFone1-
The inch screen does not reflect the phone screen, so the user can decorate it with a different tablet
Appropriate widgets and applications.
Some PadFone apps are designed for tablets or phones only.
They can be enlarged on a tablet.
On the phone, they couldn\'t open it at all.
In addition to this, the PadFone tablet works as seamlessly as any other Android tablet, from multipletasking to big-
Screen of Gmail function.
There are disadvantages to this PadFone, including Muddy screen and lack of four
Core power supply, slow down camera and other functions.
But it\'s good to combine phones with tablets, including a price, an internet plan, and more battery life.
Asus says the larger battery on the tablet can provide additional charging for the phone, which can take up to 64 hours. --
Asus PADFONEMobicity costs $89. com.
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