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smarter than ever

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-26
It\'s been a while since you got your favorite Android phone, and you \'ve spent weeks exploring the device.
You \'ve personalized everything you can think.
Screen, predictive typing, lock screen with face lock, and even download the app for a custom device.
But you can still do more with your smartphone.
Here are a few you might want to try.
We all have people we don\'t want to talk.
You can send them directly to voicemail instead of manually screening each phone or simply rejecting one phone every time you want to avoid one person.
Just go to the personal contact details, click edit and look for the \"all call voicemail\" option in the additional information. Tada!
Your problem is solved.
Every subsequent call is automatically sent to the voicemail, saving you the trouble of refusing.
We all know that connectivity can be a problem during travel, especially in India.
Finding a network in some areas will be a daunting task to forget about the highspeed Internet.
But with an Android phone, you don\'t have to worry about losing your navigation assistant.
Before you go out, you can bring up the area you are going to on the map.
After loading, type \"OK Maps\" in the search window \".
The map will download that particular part to your phone so you can reference it where there is no signal.
There are important files to transfer on your computer, but a pen drive is missing? Not to worry.
Double your Android device as a hard drive.
Simply connect it to the system using the same USB cable as the device charges.
The phone will ask if you want to enable it as a USB device.
Say yes, it will appear on your computer like any other pen drive or hard drive.
Transfer the file, pop up, you can go.
Are you bored and just want to play with your phone?
Just go to the about devices section in Settings and click on the Android version.
An image will appear showing the version of the device running.
Just in case it\'s Android 4. 4 i. e.
KitKat, just hold down that image until the animation starts.
A big advantage of using Android devices is that you can customize to a large extent.
Just install a launcher that replaces the home screen.
Nova Launcher is a great app.
It allows you to customize most of the elements on the home screen, including the size of the grid and the number of icons displayed on the page.
With apps like Tasker and Llama, you can easily automate your Android device.
You can set up a geographic location to turn on the phone Wi-
The Fi is automatic when you are close to your home or office.
You can also have it access to your calendar, so it can automatically mute your device when you meet or use your location;
It can do the same when you are watching a movie.
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