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Simple Styling Makes The Fantastic Nokia X3-02

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-03
Nokia have taken a step back from producing smartphones and come up with something a little different in the shape of the X3-02 Touch and Type. Now it would be pointless comparing this model to any one of the more modern smartphones as they are not in the same ball park, this new model serves a completely different purpose. Nokia have acknowledged with this handset that some people want a simple yet stylish phone with basic functions. Thus they have rekindled the old candy bar design and given us this gorgeous new phone which also combines elements of more modern technology in the shape of a touch screen and some good media features. The most striking element of this new model is its design, and that is what I want to really focus on here. The problem faced by the mobile phone industry is there is only so much you can do with a modern smartphone. With the front panel dominated by the screen and the camera inevitably fitted on the back, quite often the only variation between models can be the material and colour of the back panel. This new handset offers the opportunity for a range of colours with several already released including White, Blue and Pink. Of the colours available, the white finish is certainly the most appealing, yet I dare say the others will strike a cord with a younger audience. Thanks to the keys dominating half of the front panel, this means the colour differences are visible all over the phone, and not just restricted to the back panel. Another advantage of stripping down the features on the model means the overall bulk of the handset is greatly reduced. Whilst it more powerful counterparts sport an average weight of around 135 grammes, this handset can nearly half that at 78 grammes. Combine this with the small dimensions and you have a device that will certainly gain admiring glances. Part of the reason that the weight can be kept to a minimum on the Nokia X3-02 Touch And Type can be attributed to the fact that the body is constructed mainly of plastic, although the removable battery cover is a metallic finish. If you cast your eyes around the edges of the phone you will find the normal micro USB and headphone sockets located on the top edge, which is always helpful especially in the case of the headphone socket. This is because when the phone is in your pocket, this allows the most natural angle for the cord to leave the phone, any of the other three edges would place unnecessary strain on the headphones, shortening their life expectancy. In fact at just over 9mm in total depth, its is amazing they found the room to accommodate any ports at all. Amongst the mass of black, large screen phones, the Nokia X3-02 catches the eye. If you are looking for a handset with basic facilities, but one that excels in its styling then this may be the perfect model for you.
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