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should you force your kids to write thank you letters?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-29
Christmas holiday-non
Stop the task of having breakfast on Terry\'s Chocolate Orange and find the micro USB port-stop on night 12.
The gadget was boxed and the battle for the thank you letter began.
All families are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.
We have nothing different.
During the first week of January, as my mother hovered over my shoulder, my childhood was tortured to the second side of the thank you letter.
With the theme song of the strongest people in the world, tantrums will be staged.
I don\'t want the same pain to visit my children, but the grooves are sacred in the depths of my heart.
I asked them to write the shortest notes or even emails to relatives in the distance.
Although I think the handwritten letters are beautiful, I am not obsessed with them.
When I interviewed David Mitchell about modern etiquette, he concluded: \"You really feel warm when you receive a beautiful thank you letter or card. . .
But there is no doubt that having to write them is just an incredible barrier.
\"I think that, according to a survey published last week, a grateful digital message will also do well, especially if it is from the heart, and about half of the older generation agrees.
As my mother used to say, a thank-you letter was primarily used as a receipt and proof of receipt of a postal order.
Or, on this day, the Amazon package.
These are the arguments that I made again on the first day of January, with different successes. The 7-year-
The old is very enthusiastic. it is completely illiterate, but it is a sweet note. The 4-year-
He is always forgiven because he is young. The 10-yr-
The old dash of the supervisor\'s mail. The 13-year-
However, the old people growled in the protest, claiming that the thank-you letter was \"stupid \".
\"Your godmother sent you 20.
\"She should thank at least a few words,\" I said . \".
\"She\'s trying to send money, you can at least try to say the money is here.
He said painfully, wearing headphones, \"What can I say ? \"?
\"Happy New Year to her, tell her about your Christmas and tell her about your plan for £ 20.
It\'s really not that hard.
I checked his efforts twenty minutes later.
The whole email runs like this: \"Dear Emma, thank you for your £ 20.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Love your godson
\"It\'s hard for me to control my disgust.
\"It\'s shameful, even if we put aside sentences that you can\'t start with capital letters.
Why did you find it impossible to write more than two sentences?
\"It feels too forced,\" he said on the defensive side . \"“Why?
\"Because you forced me to do this.
\"I was wondering if he would go through it all with his children.
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