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Share 3G USB Modem Internet With Router

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-04
Travel together with friends and want to share the internet with them? Using a 3G USB modem offers you the convenience of being online while traveling or being away from your usual Internet connection. But How about when there are more computers to connect with the Internet? Here we will show you how to make other computers a wonderful Internet connection with a 3G usb modem and a wireless router (for no cost other than the internet fee you use for one PC. The USB modem's connection can be shared with other devices by using a wireless router. Use a wireless router to establish a local area network for nearby Wi-Fi-capable computers and other devices. You can follow the steps: 1. Connect your 3G USB-enabled router to power. Insert one end of its power supply into the device's 'Power' or 'AC' port. Then insert the other end of the power supply into a nearby electrical outlet. And Connect your modem to an available USB slot on the wireless router using a USB cable. 2. Open your computer or other Wi-Fi-enabled device's 'View Wireless Networks' option. Then it displays a list of available wireless networks. Click the network connection or Wi-Fi icon in your Windows Explorer taskbar's notification area or Finder menu bar respectively. 4. Select the wireless network named after your wireless router's model. And it connects the computer or Wi-Fi-enabled device to your newly established network. If there are other computers or Wi-Fi-enabled devices you wish to connect to the 3G USB modem's wireless signal, just repeat the above steps. 5. Enter the network's password, if necessary. Next you will be connected to your wireless 3G modem's Wi-Fi signal through the wireless router. You may then perform online functions from the connected device, such as browsing the Web or transferring files and data. One of the important issues to guarantee the quality of the connection is to choose proper 3G usb modem and wireless router. Here Huawei E160e usb modem is recommended. It can connect to wireless internet anytime you want and it's also fast. It supports the SIM card from many networks such as: GSM Quadband / HSDPA / 3G / EDGE / GPRS. With the small size and light weight, you can carry this wireless USB modem anywhere. It offers you a high download and uploads speed. It can also use as a normal USB when you insert a microSD card which provided for you up to 4 Gb.
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