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seven last minute tech christmas gifts to buy

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-08
Your Christmas gifts are not sorted out yet, don\'t panic: from smartwatches to headsets to VR headsets, the Irish store now has seven excellent technical options.
The Apple Airpods that finally came here are a great wireless replacement for big headphones.
They provide great audio and come with a cool little charging box to give them extra juice after 15 minutes of charging.
Each AirPod has a microphone and a built-in microphone
That means you can use them as hands.
Free phone accessories.
Clicking on the back of both AirPods will automatically start your (still pocketed)
Siri voice command system for mobile phones.
This means that you now have the possibility to search, call, or send messages without touching the iPhone.
Basic functions (
Audio and microphone)
Airpods can be used with any phone or Bluetooth device.
But they work the fastest with an iphone.
Probably the biggest problem most people face is whether they will fall and get lost.
I didn\'t get close to a slide out during months of use.
If you want to give a virtual reality gift at an affordable price, that\'s probably it.
The most basic proposition is that you put a Galaxy S6, S7 (
Or edge variants)
Enter the hatch of Gear VR and the hardware turns it into a huge immersive experience.
You largely control things by moving your head to \"see\" things with the help of several manual controls on the side.
There are quite a few VR apps available right now with Gear VR.
Services such as Facebook\'s 360 release also helped it
Degree photos are a technology optimized for VR devices --ups.
Most apps are still games.
However, movies and TV shows are catching up: Netflix has an app that makes you feel like you\'re watching an 80-
An inch screen when watching any Netflix movie or show.
Even if the kit is relatively limited (
More powerful full Oculus Rift hardware)
This is a convincing process.
There are dozens now.
If not a few hundred-
Wireless headphones cost less than 200 euros.
But if you\'re willing to raise it to a 199 euro level, Sony has a comfortable, high quality \"overkill\"ear’ cans. The MDR-XB950BT (Good name, huh)
Headphones squeeze out a little bit of audio power, which is larger than a normal headset (40mm)
Driver and impressive range.
Like almost all the wireless cans, there is a microphone on these cans so you can do it
Free phone when connected to your phone.
There are also control buttons for volume and track (
Pause, rewind and move forward).
An extra \"bass boost\" button is at hand when you really need to dig your choons.
The headphones are very comfortable and have nice soft leather around the earmuffs and inside the band.
No active noise from these jars
Cancel the technology on board so you don\'t completely put an end to the constant bickering around you.
However, they are big and cute enough to surround your ears, thus greatly eliminating unwanted noises.
This is a great gift for people who prefer a wider selection of wireless current.
It is a comprehensive FM, DAB and Internet radio, and can also be connected directly to Spotify and external audio sources via wireless or cable.
For the radio, the sound quality of the three-way speaker system and the bass subwoofer is very good.
Can easily accommodate a large kitchen or living room.
Its design is practical, the rubber Nubin leg prevents it from sliding on the surface of the kitchen, with a silver handle on the top that can be easily moved from place to place. It has a three-inch (non-touch)
The LCD screen guides you through the controls and shows you what you are listening.
It\'s also convenient to give you extra information (
If there is support in the station)
What are you listening.
For any iPhone user who wants smart watches and fitness items, this is what they want.
In the new series 2, Apple added three new things to the watch: GPS, waterproof (
Depth 50 m)
And extra battery life.
The first two of them now make the watch a more natural companion for those who want to track or program their walk, jog, run, bike or swim.
The third element-
Additional battery life-
Very useful.
This also means that it can now last reliably for two full days (
Or close to three days in basic mode)
No charge is required.
In addition to fitness, the main use of the Apple Watch is its notification system, which reduces the number of times you take out your big phone from your pocket.
Siri voice commands can also be used, which is starting to become very useful.
Did you get it (older, cheaper)
Series 1 or newer series 2 models, it still has two sizes, 38mm and 42mm.
This is an excellent camera that combines high quality photos with excellent (
10 times, equivalent to 250mm)zoom.
The TZ100 is usually for beginners or novices who just want to open it and start shooting.
This is good because it is easy to use as an automatic device and can work immediately.
There is also a red button for instant video recording (
Full HD or 4 k)
Similarly, the application is stable in order to avoid video instability.
A big advantage of TZ100 is its supercompact size.
You can put this in your pocket without any effort.
The other is that it is charged using a normal micro USB cable (
Same as most smartphones and portable devices).
There is a beautiful pop music.
There are also flash lights and electronic viewfinder.
The image quality is generally good.
Tz100 lens can make a lot of light (f2. 8)at its widest (Zoom 25mm or 1x).
It reduces you a lot when you zoom in to the maximum (f5. 9).
This is quite normal, but keep this in mind when shooting with insufficient light.
If the image quality is be-all and end-
All, you will get one or two high-end products near this price (
Such as Panasonic\'s wonderful LX100 or excellent LX15).
But for portability, decent zoom, solid image quality and highperforming all-
TZ100 is a very good choice.
If you want a tablet
Samsung\'s TabPro S, a laptop hybrid that prefers Windows, is the most valuable option on the market. Its superb 12-
Inch screen is near-
Perfect size for portable computing.
You can get 128 GB of internal storage space, and the battery life is very good.
The keyboard case is very typed and very strong (
There are two angles).
It also comes with the equipment. -
You don\'t have to buy it alone (About 150 euros)
Just like you do with Microsoft Surface, its main competitor.
The only downside is that you can only use the weakest Core M processor in Intel\'s top range.
So it doesn\'t have the advantage of a competitor like the iPad Pro.
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