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sennheiser momentum in-ear wireless review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-13
Senheiser\'s headset and headphone momentum line generally caters to the crowds of lifestyle people who like exotic materials and gorgeous designs.
Unfortunately, tables sometimes take precedence over features, which seems to be the case with the momentum M2 IEi wired headset.
Although they seem notable, the sound quality is not up to standard, especially at a high price for Rs. 6,990.
Today, we will test the momentum that senheiser has recently increased in the momentum portfolio for 2017.
Ear Wireless is essentially a wireless version of M2 IEi.
The price is double that of the cable brothers and we hope that senheiser has solved all the problems we have encountered.
Let\'s have a look.
When it comes to design and build quality ,-
Wireless headphones score high.
The chamber of the earbuds is made of mechanical stainless steel and has a very attractive gloss.
They are light and have angled ears that sit comfortably in your ears and don\'t stretch out too much.
The earbuds are attached to the cable protruding from the neckline.
However, unlike LG Tone activation, these tones are not scalable.
The neckline is also light and flexible enough to slide up and down easily.
We found that it was very comfortable even for a long time.
Sennheiser uses sheepskin Napa leather with exposed red stitching to align the neckline and looks and feels really good.
The lower left corner of the neckline is where you can find all the buttons, LED indicators and Micro
USB port for charging.
The right side of senheiser\'s momentum-
Ear wireless does not have any physical buttons or connectors other than NFC touch points.
The circular power button can be easily positioned with just touch, and you can also use it to check the battery power (
When no music is played)
Prompt via voice. A three-
The button cluster is used to adjust the volume and play or pause the music.
However, it is a bit difficult to distinguish these buttons just by feeling, especially the buttons in the middle.
Because these buttons feel a little fuzzy, the tactile feedback will also be better.
A long press of the volume up button jumps to the next track, while the same action on the volume down button takes you to the previous track.
The middle button can be used to answer and reject calls, and a long press will activate Siri on iOS or Google Assistant on Android.
There is a microphone near the button group.
It\'s really a decent job for the phone, though we do have people who can\'t hear us.
Also, if you wear headphones around the collar shirt, the microphone will be blocked.
To overcome this problem, we would prefer to have a microphone on both sides of the neckline.
Micro placement-
Very convenient USB port, good momentum
Ear Wireless can also be used as a USB headset when plugged into a PC or Mac, which is a handy feature.
In terms of specifications, the momentum of senheiser
The frequency range of the ear wireless is 15Hz-
22,000Hz, using a dynamic drive (
Although the exact size is not specified).
It also supports Bluetooth 4. 1 and the high-quality apt-
X Bluetooth audio standard.
The left end of the neckline can vibrate to remind you to pay attention to incoming calls, or to remind you of physical tips when turning the device on and off.
The equipment lacks any waterproof or sweat-proof grade.
In the box you will get a hard suitcase, extra earbuds of different sizes and mini headphonesUSB cable.
Easy setup if you have NFC
Smartphone, otherwise you will have
Press the power button until the LED light starts alternating between blue and red to start the pairing process.
You can connect the headset to up to two source devices at a time, but you need to end the connection to the first device (
By turning Bluetooth off, for example)
To switch to the second one.
When you turn the headset on or off and check the battery power, a voice prompt is triggered and a warning of insufficient battery power is also received.
If you wear earbuds when you receive a call, you will hear custom ringtones through your headphones.
However, there are no extensions, such as being able to read out the caller\'s name or message content to you.
Sennheiser has developed an app for iOS and Android called CapTune, which is essentially a custom music player that sets the EQ for your headset.
Unfortunately, audio from other apps is not affected by these settings.
Earplugs are very comfortable to wear, and even after a long hearing session we don\'t feel tired.
Silicone headphones are of very good quality and they do a great job of isolating external noise and do not leak sound even at very high volume.
We tested-
HTC 10 is mainly used (Review)and OnePlus 5(Review)
The latter is mainly to support apt-X.
On Tuesday, Burak Yeter ft\'s focus included the queen\'s lover.
Danielle Sandoval, linger in the cranberry bushes.
Most of our test tracks are 16-
Bit/44 KHz and 24-
Bit/96 KHz files and audio mixing transferred from Apple Music.
The momentum of sunnyweather-
Ear Wireless sounds good out of the box and doesn\'t actually need any break-in.
Although they are not very open, the sound staging is good.
One thing is obvious is that the treble can easily make a harsh sound at a volume of about 80%.
In the queen\'s lover, the background vocals in the chorus and cycy sound harsh.
As a result of this, the mid-tone area is often overwhelmed, although the human ear is kept within a lower frequency range.
When it comes to rock and hip hophop, the In-
The Ear Wireless provides excellent tight bass.
This was especially striking on the cover of Burak Yeter on Tuesday.
The bass is solid even at high volume without any noticeable distortion, which makes it very pleasant to sound.
The acoustic version of cranberry forest sounds good, but we can use a better separation between instruments.
The vocals are clear and the guitar plays well, but the sharp high end tends to lift the ugly head again and again, forcing you to lower the volume.
We tested-
Ear Wireless with video playback also has no problem.
Even devices that do not support apt
X or streaming musicClear sound.
However, in terms of a good balanced sound, we prefer the sound features of the lg tone. -Momentum
The rated battery life of Ear Wireless is 10 hours and we actually did that and added a little bit --
Play 10 hours and 20 minutes in a row, and the volume is about 80%.
When the battery is low, you will receive a voice prompt every few minutes asking you to charge the headset.
The momentum of senheiser-
Ear Wireless is a crafted headset that looks and feels very high considering the retail price.
The sound signature is not the best because it is biased towards a higher frequency, which leads to a large number of unpleasant sounds. The mid-
Sometimes you get lost in some tracks.
The bass is handled very well;
Even at high volume it is tight, controllable and never distorted.
The battery life is also good and we love the small amenities like NFC and bundled case.
However, even considering the expensive materials used to make this product, this fact cannot be avoided.
We expect audio performance to be found for the money, but sadly, that\'s not.
During voice calls, we can use the second microphone to improve clarity, and the music control button can also be easier to use.
LG Tone Active is a better option in terms of pure value, as it is about Rs.
5,000 cheaper, sweat proof, apt-support-
X hd for high resolution audio files.
Of course, it\'s not made of exotic material, but it does get the audio right. Price (MRP): Rs.
14,990 ProsConsRatings (Out of 5)
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