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sandisk sansa clip

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-28
Sandisk\'s latest Flash memory is perfect for use when moving or moving
The mp3 player based on Sansa Clip offers a basic but fairly impressive portable music solution.
No big deal.
Blow, but the audio quality is very good, the design is convenient, the interface is intuitive, making a greataround product.
Also note that the price is very low due to Sandisk\'s large participation in the flash market.
Compared with competitors such as iPod shuffle, the clip has a key advantage (
Update 2nd generation)is its display.
Although the screen is only 2x1 cm, it has the advantage of easily browsing music and recording.
Thanks to a good interface, it can go through the mp3 tag and track number (
Many cheaper flash mp3 players don\'t have this feature)
, Even if mp3 newbies don\'t have any trouble getting into the digital age, this clip is easy to use.
The design itself is slightly larger than the iPod shuffle (
Update 2nd generation)
But measuring 56x36x13mm, it is still very small.
The clip that sits on the back of the device and gives it its name also makes it ideal to connect to the belt or pocket and make sure it stays in place even during strenuous exercise.
All the basic functions you expect are here, including EQ presets, shuffle and loop modes.
The FM radio antenna received a good reception in our office, allowing you to store presets and recordings directly from the station to mp3.
At the same time, although the recorder is not excellent, but completed the basic task.
However, if you are going to record a lecture or something like that on a regular basis, we would recommend a suitable recorder.
The audio quality of editing is impressive. Flash-
Mp3 player is usually a mixed package in terms of sound quality, there are some (
Like the old iPod shuffle)
Excellent audio production, but lack of others.
The sound of the clip is very balanced, with rich mid-range, powerful bass and sparkling treble.
We tested with high quality headphones as the default ones are not very inspiring as usual.
We recommend upgrading them if possible.
With a glossy black color scheme and blue LEDs around the simple control system, the clip looks fairly smooth and won\'t be too fancy.
We still prefer the style of iPod shuffle (
Update 2nd generation)
But the aesthetic effect of the clip is also very good.
When using the round control wheel, our first reaction is to try to scroll (curse you iPod! )
But once we found out it was just a normal direction pad, everything was clicked in place.
Buttons are a bit stiff at times, but not terrible, with switches on both sides to handle functions such as volume and hold.
The device is connected to a PC via standard mini
USB cable, displayed as a removable storage device after insertion.
This means you can simply drag and drop files onto clips instead of fiddling with any software.
That said, you can sync it with Windows Media Player 10 if you like, and it can be sorted easier if you have a large collection of music.
Support for WMV, WAV, and mp3 files, a fairly small list.
We would like to see more options like AAC, backhand and audible.
The AC adapter is not included in the box, but is charged to the clip via a USB connection.
The battery life is 15 hours.
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