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samsung tobi s3033 blue

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-15
Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue has all the good features that music phones can offer.
The phone also comes with many free items such as free headphones, batteries, power chargers, USB cables and software cds s.
All in all, for everyone who wants to stand out from other products, the phone has to be purchased.
Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue is a stylish phone for young people who want to have a good time.
Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue is perfect for people who want something different from the crowd.
The phone has some of the coolest graphical UI features. It also has 1.
3 megapixel camera, Mp3 player, Bluetooth v2.
0, Micro SD, 15 mb of memory.
The blue color of Samsung Tobi S3033 is from eco-
Friendly materials (
This makes mobile users more secure.
This is a unique and attractive device with a weight of only 85g and a size of 94. 7 * 45. 4 * 17.
5mm makes it easy to hold.
The Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue has three different themes as well as a customizable back cover.
The Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue has three distinct animated themes: Monster, SeaWorld and snowman.
Another good feature is that the back cover is interchanged and is a transparent panel that can be used to view photos and pictures.
Samsung Tobi S3033 blue sports a graphical user interface with a 1.
65 k color display and 9 TFT with 176*144 pixels.
Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue can play all types of music files such as Mp3, aa c, AAC and eAAC, WMA, etc.
Good resolution of Mobile Phone 1.
The 3 megapixel camera and 15 mb of memory can be upgraded to 8 gb using a micro SD card.
Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue makes communication to transfer files easier and faster with its Bluetooth and USB ports.
It is equipped with two educational games: Brain Challenge and Tetris Mania.
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