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samsung stations the smartphone as a desktop replacement

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-17
Near Border of Samsung Galaxy s8-
Free Curve edge display, encrypted face recognition system and physical buttons-
The free front is the feature that could take up the initial headlines, but the smartest feature of Samsung\'s latest flagship phone is probably its ability to work as a desktop computer.
Samsung DeX Station is a cradle of curved smartphonescum-
Docking, when you put the shiny new phone inside and connect the docking station to the monitor, keyboard and mouse, the phone becomes a safe Android-based desktop.
With the combination of DeX and Galaxy S8, Samsung actually put a Chromebook in your pocket.
\"We have developed Samsung DeX, considering highly mobile workers,\" said rheong Rhine, chief technology officer of Samsung mobile communications business . \".
\"Smartphones have become the center of modern mobile professionals, and when they give speeches or edit documents in remote areas, that means they can work effectively using one device.
\"The Dock itself is also a rather clever kit.
It has an integrated cooling fan with two USB 2.
Port 0, Ethernet;
As a quick charger.
The idea of turning a smartphone into a smartphone
In fact, the desktop sounds familiar, most likely because it is a prominent feature of Microsoft\'s Lumia series of smartphones that are too late to challenge iOS
But when they arrive, they bring a lot of productivity.
Focus on innovation.
So it\'s good news that Samsung is working with Microsoft to develop this new feature in order to optimize the suite of Office applications.
Because many people who need productivity enhancements work in the creative industry, Samsung has also turned to Adobe to make sure that users can handle retouching images as easily as they can edit spreadsheets.
\"Our collaboration with key partners such as Microsoft and Adobe is critical to the development of Samsung DeX as they share our vision of building excellence in mobile productivity,\" said Rhine . \".
Samsung Dex Station will be available in April with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 and will be available as a bundle or as a standalone device. —
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