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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-02
Even if the back is glass, it is definitely a fingerprint magnet, the note 9 has a headphone jack, and the USB can see the fast charging of the proprietary charger, which also supports wireless charging.Samsung\'s battery here is 4000 mA hours, compared to 2700 mA hours for the iPhone X.Samsung\'s latest flagship product is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is definitely a smartphone;Even if I call it a super phone, it has features like high resolution AMOLED display, headphone jack, USB see with fast charging, stylus dual camera system, 4,000 amp hour battery, etc, the list also includes ip68 waterproof, expandable storage.I think the note 9 contains almost everything you want your smartphone in 2018.If you\'re cool with using Android, then the interesting story is here and let\'s start right away.We will discuss some of the phone\'s Love features for android parameters.Samsung Note 9\'s hardware has not kept anything for Galaxy Note 9 this year.This is a state call.of-the-We will start with the exhibition.I think Samsung is the best 6 phones ever.4 inch AMOLED panel, 1440x2960 pixels per inch, looks great.It is sharp, bright and in good color. The display is curved, the sides are the logo of Samsung\'s design aesthetics, the corners are round, I think the sharp-pointed smartphone has become the past, there is no problem, Samsung is doing a good job.While you have small top and bottom baffles and even smaller side baffles, the phone definitely feels big in my hands of normal size, but when you take this thing,You\'ll immediately feel like it\'s a premium device with some good weight.Even if the back is glass, it is definitely a fingerprint magnet, the note 9 has a headphone jack, and the USB can see the fast charging of the proprietary charger, which also supports wireless charging.Samsung\'s battery here is 4000 mA hours, compared to 2700 mA hours for the iPhone X.There is no doubt that this phone will definitely last you all day with a down speaker and a front speaker, but the device is not that loud. I think it might be a bit loud, but it sounds fine for the phone.On the left side of the device you have the volume rocker and the Bixby button, a is too close to the volume key, B is something I don\'t think should exist, and right on the power button they feel good, click.This is a note that you have s -.Pen and no you can\'t help but be careful to insert it in the wrong way I tried, depending on the phone you choose your stylist color will change s-Pen is as accurate and responsive as ever, and if you\'re not familiar with it, it\'s definitely one of my favorite phone features, and you can pop up the next note of your notes and put the Pen back in place, continue the day you save your memo without having to unlock your device.The Note 9 is equipped with 128 gb or 512 gb of internal storage and has a Micro SD card slot, so when Samsung releases its 512 gb micro SD card, you can use 1 tb of memory to go around the physical storage in the smartphone nuts, there are multiple ways to unlock the note 9, there is a fingerprint reader on the back, better placed than the previous Galaxy phone, and the speed is very fast iris scanner and face recognition, but the speed of my test fingerprint reader plus the screen can be completely turned off, and Iris or facial recognition requires the device to be on the lock screen in any case, and it\'s nice to see that Samsung has a lot of options here to do soOK, let\'s start talking about the camera from the front camera, nothing on earth is good --It\'s okay to crush photos here, a bit at low-With plenty of light, but the front camera has autofocus, which will make these selfies clearer. Built in some fun software throughout the camera to make you more charming with multiple shooting modes such as selfie focus and wide selfie, allowing more friends to participate.The dual camera system on the back is as incredible as s9, plus the no nines wide angle lens has a variable aperture on this small mechanism, which I think is awesome, but I\'m also a huge one too many of your shooting modes for example, if I take a blurry picture or someone blinks, the phone will kindly inform me that I should try again, it will also detect and enhance your dog picture food picture landscape etc Note 9 favorite feature is to take photos remotely using S Pen if you get this phone, you can do more with S Pen, thanks to the addition of Bluetooth low energy to use it because it doesn\'t exist anywhere else.The video on Galaxy note 9 is something else, it has a resolution of 1440x2960 pixels, but I bet, we will soon get a smartphone that can use iOS\'s 4 k 60 to quickly mention the Note nines rear camera, you can be incredibly close to your theme, if you buy this phone, they are basically macro lenses.OK, let\'s talk about the Note 9 beginner software that comes with Android 8.1 Oreo we have to see when pie will get to this device, I hope by the end of this year, but in No 9, this is a hopeful snapdragon 845 and 6 gigabytes which means this thing is super fast and responsive app switching if you are familiar with Samsung\'s software, everything about note 9 is fast, it feels smooth and you\'ll feel comfortable at home, it\'s not a pure Android experience, but there \\\'s so much customization and Android that I\'m not used to being refreshing as an iOS user.I \'ve been using the iOS and Apple ecosystem Merilee for over a decade, so getting into the Android experience is definitely worth the attention --Once on, you can slide the screen in any direction to unlock the device, you can have widgets on the home screen, which means instant access to Google Voice Search Google assistantScreen app if you like this kind of thing though many apps don\'t support it yetIt is very customizable, but it can also be viewed on my desk and it is easy to see time or notifications, which is useful and when it comes to customisation.Of course, you \'ve got your launcher from the Google Play Store, but it\'s great to have countless downloadable themes on this Samsung theme Portal.You can really choose the taste you like, you can hide the software navigation bar by double clicking this little dot I like, you can view the app tray in the list view or in the card I like you can adjust the grid size software customization list of the apps in the home screen app and in the app tray keeps coming up, if you are an Android user, you may be completely fair to mention the widget or robot feature setting tray I am digging for, and I find that the Galaxy Note 9 has a landscape home screen feature, honestly it made me miss my partner oh it\'s deep here because it\'s pre-The release software and B actually have a Google widget with the phone in stock on the home screen. I understand what Samsung is trying to do here, but leaving it to the Google physical Bixby button still annoys me when everything is done and if you upgrade from, I turned off the left swipe of Bixby for example, Samsung devices with at least two years of history like S7, if you have s8 or note 8, I will definitely consider note 9 if you are Samsung diehard, you will find that this is the best device the company has ever had.The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an absolute package bundled together in the form of a smartphone and you will get the highest quality and perfection.Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available exclusively for assure Note 9 that you will get one of the cheapest prices in our store.Visit us in Pakistan and the price of seesamador Galaxy Note 9.
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