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samsung galaxy note 10\'s 45w fast charger allegedly spotted on certification site: report

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-17
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is scheduled to launch in the coming months, and smartphones are expected to support 45 W fast charging.
This is incredible charging speed, and South Korea has leaked a new photo of the charging adapter to support the rumor.
It has been found that this adapter has passed the necessary security certification in the area, suggesting that it is coming soon.
The adapter has a logo for quick charging at the top and looks very thick and big.
The technical specification of the adapter is not known, but its model has been revealed to us with some instructions. GalaxyClub.
Nl found a Samsung adapter that has passed the Korean security certification.
Adapter with model EP-
TA845 and the photo shows a thick black
Color Adapter with \"quick load\" logo.
Unfortunately, the actual specifications of the adapter are not shown in the photo.
Recall that both the A70 system and the A80 system have an EP-
The TA800 charger supports 25 w fast charging.
This shows that EP-
The TA845 may be a more advanced model and may be the rumored 45 W fast charging model.
Recently, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be charged quickly for 45 W.
The TA845 may just be a product that can be bundled with the upcoming flagship.
Of course, nothing is certain, it\'s purely our guess, so don\'t understate it.
Hopefully, there should be more information about this adapter in the next few weeks.
As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it is said that it has two variants-one is low
High-end models and high-end modelsend model.
The low-end model is expected to have a battery of 3,400 mAh, down from the Galaxy Note 9 with a 4,000 mAh battery.
The Galaxy Note 10 series may use capacitors or pressures-
Sensitive areas of power and volume, not physical buttons.
It is also tilted for motion four rear cameras and a hole-punch display.
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