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samsung galaxy a2 core launched in india; know price, specs & more

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-23
A month ago, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung released a few news, after Samsung finally launched the Galaxy A2 core in the Indian market.
The launch is said to be with Xiaomi\'s Redmi Go.
The Galaxy A2 core is valued at Rs 5,290 above Xiaomi Redmi.
It is estimated that the price of Redmi Go for Xiaomi is RS 4,499.
The Galaxy A2 core is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy J2 core, which is the code-named as SM-
1,000 rupees cheaper than its predecessor.
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Specification: Samsung\'s Samsung Galaxy A2 core will be the Go version of the phone recently launched by mobile phone manufacturers and will replace the Galaxy J2 center currently sold in the Indian market.
Samsung Galaxy A2 core running Android Pie (Go Edition)
And has all the special money as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy J2 core, which was launched as early as August.
The Galaxy A2 core follows closely in other Android Go phones, providing the absolute minimum specs required.
This includes a 5-
960x540-inch qHD LCD-
Pixel resolution.
Of course, there is quite a large bezel around the screen with a selfie camera, headset and proximity sensor on it, and Samsung\'s name is printed under the screen.
The phone base is equipped with a headphone jack and a Micro USB charging port.
The back is where you position the basic camera, LED flame, and amplifier.
The Samsung Galaxy A2 core is controlled by the Samsung Exynos 7870 chip-
Matched with 1 gb of RAM and 16 gb of internal storage, this is certainly scalable.
The Samsung Galaxy A2 core will feature a 2,600 mAh battery.
A2 core will get a selfie camera that will coordinate the resolution of the rear cam-5-megapixel.
This phone is supported with 1 GB of memory and 16 GB of memory and 256 GB of scalable memory.
Since the gadget runs Android Pie (Go Edition)
It will advance
Introduce with a large group of Android Go-
The upgraded application, such as Google Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, assistant Go, map Go, Chrome program, Facebook Lite, FM radio, file manager, calendar, calculator, and Sky are the limits from there.
Zhuo (Go Edition)is a cut-
Eager for a downward adaptation of the power OS, the operating system is designed to work flawlessly in the event of limited internal and processing capabilities.
Samsung Galaxy A2 core will carry both models at the same time
Changes in SIM cards and dual SIM cards, but it is not clear which form is entering the Indian market.
Through the use example of Indian buyers, there is no doubt that the double SIM change will enter the country.
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