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samsung does a double take!

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-09
The Samsung ST-
550 is a revolutionary point with its double
This makes it very easy to take selfies.
Recently, Samsung launched two more models in the ST series, ST600 and st100.
We installed the ST600 on the test bench to see if it is worth upgrading.
Looking for and feeling those familiar with the ST-5, you will immediately notice the change in the front LCD size, which has been upgraded from 1. 5-
More convenient 1. 8-inches.
You can activate the front LCD by pressing the dedicated button at the top of the camera, or by clicking it when the camera is on.
However, we had to click on the screen a few times to open it.
The rear LCD is a big 3. 5-
Inch display, and touch is enabled-this illustrates the size of it.
There is no physical control behind.
The game button is located in the upper right corner, which is really convenient.
This lens is the 27mm wide angle lens of Schneider kreuzach with decent 5x optical zoom.
Storage exists in the form of a Micro SD or micro sdhccard-it\'s a bit inconvenient if you \'ve been using a normal SD card on other cameras.
Thanks to the camera\'s support for 720 p HD video recording, a mini HDMI port is also provided.
One major drawback is that there is no micro USB port-you have to connect the camera through Samsung\'s proprietary cable.
The only benefit of doing this is that you can charge the camera directly through the wall outlet without having to bother taking out the battery and putting it in a separate charging box.
All controls except zoom are touch-based.
The rear LCD is informative and shows all the data when shooting so you know exactly what settings you have enabled.
There is a button in the upper left corner to activate different modes.
There is a dedicated program mode, but there is not much you can do with it.
For example, you can adjust the white balance, ISO, and exposure, but you can\'t adjust the shutter speed and aperture.
There is also a smart mode that automatically recognizes your scene.
In addition to that, there is a common route --
Scene modes you can choose from, including portraits, fireworks and beach/snow.
Unfortunately, in scene mode, you can\'t adjust any settings except the focus area, so the camera decides all the manual functions on its own.
All controls are displayed as icons, so in order to know which icon represents what function, you have to slide your finger over them to pop up the message.
However, if you\'re just browsing the feature, the finger stops on a particular icon and it\'s automatically activated, so it\'s a bit of a pain to go back and forth.
However, we must say that the touch sensitivity is very good and the navigation menu is very smooth and intuitive.
Activating the front camera pops up a list of settings specific to it, so you don\'t have much control over manual settings.
There is a smile lens, a smile icon appears when you press the shutter half, which is a good indicator of when you should show Pearl White for the lens.
There\'s also a jump shot, which is a really cool feature.
When you press the shutter, the front camera displays the countdown, and at the end of the countdown, it shows when you should jump.
Then the camera takes three pictures of you in a row, so you usually take a picture in the middleair.
This is a very interesting and innovative feature that should attract younger people.
There is also a special mode for children that will show cartoons, encourage children to pay attention to the camera, and even make some smiles.
When the two heads are in the frame, the couple will automatically take a photo, which is very effective.
ResultsI tested both macro mode and night mode, which I think are two very good indicators of camera performance.
The macro function brings us very close to the subject, but the result is slightly washed away and the colors tend to penetrate into each other.
We would have liked to adjust the exposure option in macro mode, but the ST600 does not provide this option.
The night mode shows a lot of noise (grain)
In the image, the ambient light is not received well.
Most of the results are blurry and photos tend to be red
The orange tone reminds us of what we bought with old digicams.
This camera does provide double image stability-digital image stability and optical image stability.
You can apply a lot of image effects on your photos-we especially like vignette, fisheye and negative effects-these are all ways to make your photos more interesting.
However, the battery life of the camera is really poor and we can shoot about 60 frames before it runs out completely, so we recommend carrying extra batteries.
Our verdictst600 is definitely a unique camera, but for users who already have the st50, there\'s not much new cameras offer in terms of upgrades.
We mainly recommend it to the younger generation who want an interesting camera, but it is not very suitable for those who want to buy \"prosumer\" because its image results don\'t really score.
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