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russian prison guards catch crossbow drug smugglers; already on lookout for icons, cats & pigeons

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-24
A man and a woman were detained by Russian prison authorities in Saint with a crossbow.
When they try to smuggle items to heights, the Peterborough area
The federal prison service reported Tuesday that it was a safe prison.
\"There have been attempts to shoot an arrow filled with heroin into prison with a crossbow, and local authorities responsible for the safety and maintenance of Russian prisons have said in a statement on the official website.
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The two men were caught by a car on the road near the prison while finding a crossbow and arrow with a parcel on it.
Authorities say three mobile phones were in one of the packages, while white powder was found in the arrow.
It was later discovered that the substances contained 30 grams of drugs, including heroin, Anfei\'s life and marijuana.
Just last week, authorities at a prison in kemerjee, Siberia, reported attempts to sneak an icon into the prison.
Icon of St. Nicholas
He is also known as Nikolaos because he is considered to have created many miracles as part of a package sent to one of the prisoners.
The Holy frame of painting, who will become the inspiration of the gift-
In fact, it is a gift of its own that carries Santa Claus, as the phone, custom charger, two SIM cards and a USB cable are hidden in the icon.
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Last year, a cat was caught at a prison checkpoint in Comey, northern Russia.
The furry cat was found carrying several phones attached to its body with tape.
In international prison smuggling techniques, trained paintings of birds and children are covered with drugs.
On August, a pigeon attempting to smuggle cocaine and marijuana into the prison of Goska was intercepted by guards.
The bird is believed to have been dressed and trained as a courier by a prisoner.
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In the signature \"to dad\", the image of Snow White and Cinderella was colored with narcotic drugs, and the police said the prisoner should lick it off the paper.
Police said they found the contraband after receiving the report.
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