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Review of the Garmin Approach G5 GPS Golfing Range

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-29
This comes shipped to you already pre-loaded with 1000s of available global golf courses, and also includes a ton of superb features, with the stand out feature being the ability to make use of its high-sensitivity GPS technology which lets the user measure individual shot distances, and also keep track of yardage to fairways, dangers, and greens. The big, three inch touch screen display is perhaps one of the design aspects to the Garmin Approach G5 which help to make it one of the most widely recommended GPS devices for golfers. You can touch the screen with your finger to find out almost exact distances from where you are on the course to where you want the ball to land. The screen is also big enough so you can get a birds-eye view of the course you're playing on - and it's even possible to can adjust the screen so you can see it in bright sunlight due to the anti-sunlight glare technology. Touch Screen Golfing GPS to Help With Shots That you can see exactly where you are using the Approach's screen (in living color detail). What's so superb about this is how the Garmin Approach's high sensitivity GPS receiver can pinpoint right where you might be on the course, so you can virtually eliminate all speculation from your game of golf. You are able to plan your shots and also look like a professional on courses you've never played on before. (Well, if not a pro, then at least you will not appear such as you simply picked up the best selection from all the golf clubs available in your bag!) Whenever you get close to the golf green, you are able to touch the pin in your Approach's screen and drag it to the location you're thinking that the hole really is. This way, as you get closer you can get much more reliable and accurate readouts of distances on the pin. Not just does the Garmin Approach G5 GPS do most of this, however it has a ton of other really handy features. For example it is possible to keep score for as many as four different players at any given time so you can play a round with friends or in a group. It also additionally remembers all the scores. If you happen to play a course frequently, you can even chart your progress as you master the game. Accessories and Conclusion Although the Garmin Approach G5 comes with 1000s of courses already pre-loaded in the device, Garmin is constantly adding more courses which are available as a free download. When you buy the Garmin Approach GPS, it comes with a bag clip and a USB cable, along with a quick start manual if you need to use it - although it's quite easy to get started due to the on-screen prompts that appear on the GPS display. The Approach is not the most affordable golf GPS on the market. As of the writing of this short review, it is slightly less than $400 US Dollars which puts it in a competing market with the major competitor, the Callaway uPro Golf GPS. If golfing is your thing, however, $400 really is not that much if you are motivated to improve your own game - especially when you compare the Approach to a new set of
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