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Review G2 Google Phone And How to Get it for Free

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-06
I just received my g2 Google phone for free a week back and I love it. I liked its design, it's very sleek and tough looking as it is a little heavy but I am glad it's not a brick and its Z hinge slide out QWERTY keyboard makes it quite classy. The surface cover is of two colours soft gray and silver. The front touch screen of the Google g2 phone is surrounded by a silver band which makes it look more elegant. One of the features I always wanted in my phone is that this isn't just a touch screen phone the face of the phone slides and swivels up to reveal a full QWERTY landscape keyboard. I loved the feel of its keyboard. It's one of the best landscape keyboards I have ever used with perfect sized and shaped keys with a bit of space. Of course, another attraction in this phone is its touch screen. It scrolls quite smooth and the image quality is crisp and clear. I have played 5 hours of videos on it since when I have got it and the videos quality is awesome with no slow down and good audio quality adds fun to video watching. The overall performance on the device was extremely speedy. The Google G2 runs Android 2.2 Operating system on it which is quite fast and efficient. You can easily and quickly switch on to different applications. Its browser loads the websites quite promptly. Android 2.2 has all the features which most of people are looking for. And to add the Google experience Google G2 is not only loaded with Google Maps, Gmail, shopper, Google earth, Sky map, Latitude, tracks, translate, and Gtalk but also tons of free and reasonable priced applications. I found Google G2 a great media phone with its free internal memory of 1.3GB, though you can also install an 8GB memory card under the battery of the phone. You can even upgrade the external memory up to 32GB if you want to. You can also run you tube videos on it smoothly with a great resolution video. Also the earpiece on the Google G2 sounded excellent to me and the most of the people I spoke to said that they could hear me loud and clear on the other end. The G2 camera also gave me fabulous results. Its 5 megapixel sensor with autofocus lenses and LED flash light. I compared it with other phones result and found its colour balance quite good and accurate exposure. The Google G2 phone came along with a charger and the headphone. Its adapter connects with a USB data cable that can also be use for files transferring. Another good thing about it is you can also charge it through your PC or any other compatible device through your data cable. Based on what I've just used and seen, I think Google G2 is the one of best cell phone device that I have ever used. You can get your Google G2 for free by visiting http://FREEg2GooglePhone.IfYouReallyWantIt.com
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