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Review Dell Latitude E6520 i5/HD Notebook

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-07
Core Business.( vgp-bps13s battery ) Productively focusing on your work is to be made possible with a Latitude E6520. In review: The basic version with an i5-2410M CPU, incorporated graphics and HD display.( battery vgp-bps13/s ) You can find out why 'Very Good' was missed slightly in this review.( hp 452057-001 ) Dell Latitude E6520 L652051:( battery vgp-bps13a/s ) Low-cost version with HD resolution (1366x768) ( apple a1185 battery )and Core i5-2540MA case that complies with the military standard 810G, splash water proof keyboard, battery alternatives up to 97 watt hours and extendability via a module bay and ExpressCard54.( sony vgp-bps13as battery ) Dell's mainstream business range doesn't come short when listing its upsides.( battery sony vgp-bps13b/b ) Such qualities are to make the 15.6 incher apt for the promised long life cycles of Dell's Latitude range. Discover in this review if the entry level version of the Latitude E6520 ( vgp-bps13b/s battery ) (Intel Core i5-2540M, Intel HD Graphics 3000, 250GB, HD resolution) proves to be a strong business companion.( sony vgp-bps13/b battery ) The price in the manufacturer's online shop is currently 1236 euros.( battery VGP-BPS13 ) Material: MagnesiumThe weight of 2819 grams is heavy to handle, ( VGP-BPS13A/B battery ) but the robustness of the bulky construction compensates for this drawback. The manufacturer has opted for high-end, heavy materials. ( battery dell vostro 1520 ) We can't deny that the E6520 has a certain touch of everyday ruggedness. We can't twist the case even a bit with force. ( Compaq CQ42 Battery ) Wrist-rest, keyboard and base plate fit firmly everywhere. Even the area beneath the DVD drive, which is often a weak point, can defy dents caused by pressure.( HP Compaq 8510P battery ) Nevertheless, we find an exception when looking at the wrist-rest. The right area of this inserted plastic plate can be depressed by one millimeter with force.( battery hp 4510s ) The surface has a bit of elbowroom underneath. The lid's stiffness is well made. ( ibm 40Y6795 ) We can only warp it marginally when it's picked up at the corners. ( HP Laptop Battery ) The surface is made of brushed aluminum (anodized), which even can only be depressed slightly in its center. Fingerprints are hardly visible. ( Thinkpad T60 Battery ) However, they adhere and can only be removed with difficulty with a cleaning cloth. The surfaces (anodized aluminum,( HP probook 6545B Battery ) powder coated magnesium alloy) have a cool feel and are scratch resistant. ( Compaq 8510W battery ) The wrist-rest has a thin rubber coating and does therefore have a very good grip.( Compaq CQ40 Battery ) The scratch resistance is very good here, as well. Dell relies on full metal (massive) for the hinges. The hinges are pulled very tight to the base unit. ( hp elitebook 8730p battery ) They hold the lid securely and it hardly teeters. One hand has to hold down the base unit due to the high force needed to open the lid. The Latitude E6520 presents special connection options that are appreciated by professionals.( hp 4710s battery ) First, the conventional mounting of the lid allows placing ports on the rear. Beside the power adapter socket, ( Dell xps m1530 battery ) the Kensington lock, Ethernet and USB 2.0 are located here. The power plug is bulkier than would be necessary, but it is at least at the back. ( Thinkpad T61 Battery ) The sides look less crowded and the cable mess on the desk is reduced when the side away from the user is used. On the right, we find a rare ExpressCard54 slot. ( sony vgp-bps13b/s Battery ) Expansion cards (interfaces, TV cards, flash memories) can be inserted here. ExpressCard34 also fit. The usually standard audio sockets have been reduced to a combined headphone/microphone socket. Screws are used for the VGA port, which is a feature that is only found in few ThinkPad models.
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