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review: micromax funbook pro

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-20
Micromax launched 7-
Inch tablet, April.
Unlike some other tablet makers in India, the company is not in a hurry to enter the market.
It\'s bundled with some content producers and positioned the tablet as a device for school students.
\"Pass Hoga, Time Pass Bhi Hoga\" is the slogan Micromax used by Funbook to attract consumers.
But it doesn\'t really work.
The company has cut too many corners to keep it low.
We reviewed the tablet and found it lacking in many ways.
A few months later, Micromax went into the tablet market again.
This tablet is called Funbook Pro.
Can Pro succeed where \"juni\" fails?
Read on to understand . . . . . . There is a reason to better complete the new tablet with the pro tab for Micromax.
It\'s bigger and better than the junior Funbook.
Obviously bigger.
There are 10 Funbook Proinch screen.
It\'s actually 10.
1 inch but what is 0.
Between friends.
The resolution is 600x1024 pixels and the aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9.
This makes Funbook Pro more rectangular than square, which is very good and meets industry standards.
Now, let\'s talk about the better.
One of our complaints about Funbook is its lack of building quality.
Funbook Pro mainly solves this problem.
The fuselage is still completely made of plastic, with artificial aluminum finish on the back cover, but the tablet is assembled in a better way.
It feels stronger.
We do notice a feature in terms of building quality.
The volume rocker is placed upside down.
This means that the top button reduces the sound while the bottom button increases the sound!
Like most other budget tablets on the market, Funbook has plenty of connectivity options.
There are two micro USB ports, micro SD card slot, headphone jack and mini HDMI port.
Don\'t worry if you want to know the USB port.
Micromax has bundled microUSB to the USB adapter, so the lack of a USB port is not an issue.
The tablet is powered by 1.
2 GHz single core processor.
It has 1 gb of RAM, 8 gb of internal storage, a VGA camera on the front, and a 5,600 mAh battery rating.
Wi-Fi only is supported on tablets-Fi.
This means that you can\'t put the SIM card into FunBook Pro for 3g connection, although the data dongle can connect to the USB port for web access on the go.
Some clicks, some miss Funbook Pro running Android 4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.
The latest version of Android is Jelly Bean (4. 1)
The Ice Cream Sandwich is a big difference compared to the gingerbread (2. 3)
Many cheap tablets are running.
The better processor in Funbook Pro means that it performs slightly faster than the primary Funbook.
Nevertheless, the benchmark did not show a big gap between the performance of the two tablets and felt much better during the use of Funbook Pro.
This is related to the minimum threshold.
The original Funbook can\'t pass.
A larger tablet may not be the fastest, but it does a good job of responding to typical tablet usage.
Yes, the UI lags behind and multitasking can paralyze the tablet, but the computing experience on Funbook Pro is good if you\'re willing to compromise a bit.
Unless you don\'t open too many web pages, documents can be created, games like Angry Birds can be played, mail can be checked and movies can be viewed, Web browsing works well.
When it comes to movies, Let\'s emphasize that video playback is a highlight of Funbook Pro.
All popular video formats like MP4 and AVI can be played in full HD resolution.
There is no need to convert the video to a specific format or reduce the resolution.
So far so good.
But what about missing?
The main problem with Funbook is its screen.
Yes, it\'s better than the primary tablet.
The color is right.
While the touch response is not as good as it is on a more expensive tablet, it is good enough considering the low cost of the device.
The main problem with the screen is the brightness level.
It\'s too low to cause problems, especially if you want to use a tablet outside.
Another problem is perspective.
This means that when you look at the screen or look at something on the screen from the side, you see the distorted color.
Another big problem with Funbook Pro is battery life.
The battery lasted three hours and seven minutes as we cycled on the video.
During actual use, the tablet has a battery life of more than 7 hours.
Depending on your usage, this may give you all
But battery life is below average compared to some other tablets on the market.
Is it worth the price?
Funbook Pro has its flaws.
Screen is especially a problem.
But given that it costs only RS 9,999, we can put up with these flaws.
In the past few months, India has launched many cheap tablets.
Unfortunately, they will not succeed unless they are one or two.
While the price is low, the problem with these tablets is that they sacrifice too much to provide a decent tablet experience.
This is the problem of not even reaching the minimum threshold.
Funbook Pro is a little different.
Yes, it doesn\'t dazzle the world, but it gives users an experience worth asking.
If you can spend more money, BlackBerry Playbook or Samsung Tab 2 is obviously a better option.
But if you have to buy a tablet for less than Rs 10,000, Please seriously consider FunBook Pro.
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