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Retina Screen and 11 Hours Battery Life - Hyundai

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-07
Hyundai X900 has a relatively simple and clean package,together with the picture, retina screen and 28nm quad core A9 Rk3188 logo, which makes me can't wait to have a try. X900 has a 9.7 inch screen and 4:3 ratio, the silver magnesium alloy design body is fashion and comfortable to use thermal performance is also good. The tablet pc is thin and only 9.5mm. In addition, it's also including a 12V 2A charger, a micro USB cable, a pair of earphones and a user manual. There's a 2.0 MP front camera on the right top corner of the screen ,it's good for video chat and video conference. The photo resolution is better than many conventional 0.3MP or 1.3MP front cameras. The back camera is also 2.0MP, it's enough to use. At the top of the body,there's a volume control button, it has a power button, TF card expansion slot, Micro USB cable, mic hole and earphone hole on one side of body. The HDMI interface supports HDMI HD output function. In addition, it also has a pair of stereo speakers on both sides of the edge and sounds great. X900 has a retina 2048*1536 resolution screen,the density is up to 264ppi and the quality is quite good.With this screen,it's good for large screen ebook reading and video viewing.The ultra-clear field of vision brings more realistic cinema and reading experience. X900 has the same screen size and area as real books with clear font and free to adjust the brightness of screen and real page turning effect,the feeling is perfect. The sound quality is very good on online music, it has the AAC brand speakers, which it's suit for popular music, the screen simultaneous displays lyrics and songs cover. With the X900 standard earphones, you can immersed in music and have great feeling. X900 supports 1080P full HD video hardware solution and easy for decoding.the video load is very fast and plays smoothly. Besides the easily play the 9.7 inch retina screen and 1080P video ultra clear display brings a wonderful watching experience. Browsing is also very convenient,it's very clear in any size of pictures and fronts. The Android 4.1 system supports PIP function you can watch videos while browsing online web. Browsing online shop which has a large number of pictures has a quick loading speed,the details of the goods zoom in is still clear and more convenient to online shopping. X900 has a 1.8GHz quad core processor, a Mail-400 picture processor and 2GB DDR3 memory. It also has a 10000mAh large capacity battery and battery life is 11 hours. It's enough for games and movies.
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