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Relocate USB Devices Using a USB Extender

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-07
Have you ever wanted to relocate a USB printer or a scanner away from your computer desk? Or install a web camera a good distance from your computer. There is good news. You can use a USB extender and an inexpensive network cable to connect USB devices from a long distance to your computer. Do a quick inventory of your electronic equipment and you'll find that most of them connect to a laptop or some other electronic appliance via a USB port. USB technology was engineered over a decade ago and made life a lot easier for end users. USB technology was a plug & play specification. This meant that all you had to do was plug in the device to a USB port on your computer and it was automatically recognized by the computer's operating system. All the configuration gyrations so often required to get the computer and device to work were eliminated. It also meant a lot fewer calls for tech support every time you had a new printer, mouse, or external drive that you wanted to connect to your PC or laptop. Then a funny thing happened. Since it was so easy for people to get stuff working via a USB port, people bought USB enabled electronic devices. Soon they ran out of USB ports on their computer and had to buy a USB hub with multi-ports. It wasn't very long and people found that all these appliances were closing in on their work area. There was a printer, a label maker, a card reader, external CD players, Webcams, digital cameras, and so on. All connecting to the computer, but also occupying every inch of the desktop. The USB extender with a built in two or four port hub device is a perfect solution for all these applications. USB 2.0 Extender: De-cluttering Your Workspace for high speed USB data transfer Using the printer as an example, most modern home or small office printers connect to a PC with a USB port and a 3 to 5 foot cable. The cable is a CAT5 or CAT6 UTP cable the same thing used to connect PCs together in a local area network. However, the cable you get with the printer is too short to relocate the printer any distance from your work area. To solve this dilemma you need a pair of USB 2.0 extender devices and a CAT5 or CAT6 cable long enough to travel the distance required between the relocated printer and your computer. These extender units are specifically designed for high speed USB data transfer applications. The USB 2.0 Extender consists of a transmitter and a receiver which are interconnected by the UTP cable that allows data to be transferred at distances up to 100 meters.
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