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relish the hot features of lg gw620 phone

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-27
With an amazing touch screen and an impressive bright display, the LG GW620 can have a strong impact among young people.
This smartphone is perfect for those who are weird about modern messaging and entertainment.
LG gwgw is a beautifully designed 3g smartphone.
It has a blue and black shell with a smooth and tactile surface.
The entire device supports high quality mobile communication features and technologies.
The various properties of the LG gwgw are as follows: the LG gwgw is a 3g smartphone with a sliding opening 3 inch touch screen that takes up most of the front case.
The touch screen features an impressive 320 pixel * 480 pixel screen resolution with an impressive color display of 256 K.
Smooth slide out the key position of the query keyboard is very good, so you can easily type words at a fairly fast speed.
LG gwgw supports 3g with HSDPA technology on various HSDPA 2100 networks, depending on the user\'s connection and needs.
Support 2g for various GSM network bands.
Users can also enjoy high-speed data transfer via a micro USB cable connection or wireless via Bluetooth technology.
The phone supports WiFi technology and users can enjoy the Internet simply by connecting to WLAN or hotspot, all without the hassle of cables.
LG gwgw has 150 BM memory built in.
For further storage, you can connect up to 16 gb of micro SD memory cards.
The GPS feature of this smartphone helps you navigate your new location and destination easily.
A-support GPS systemGPS.
LG gwgw provides a WAP browser to access the Internet.
With this browser, you can get the internet experience of HTML and HTML.
It also offers a variety of messaging services such as push email, MMS, SMS, instant messaging with email attachments.
The integrated video playback feature allows users to play back their videos.
Video can also be transmitted and shared from other devices.
The entertainment feature in the phone enables users to listen to their favorite music while they are on the move.
The FM radio supports RDS functionality and users can view information about the station on their screen.
The built-in 5-pixel camera features a single LED flash and autofocus.
The camera enables users to enjoy good quality and focused images.
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