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Recovering Music, Movies & Media From Your iPhone

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-07
In today's world, almost everyone has some type of Apple device from an iPod to an iPad to an iPhone. If you are an Apple user, there is a good chance that you are dependent upon one or more of these devices, that you carry it with you everywhere, and that you keep the vast majority of your media files on it. In fact, in today's increasingly digital world, many people have the entirety of their music, photo and video collections on iDevices and computers only. If you are an iPhone, iPod or iPad user, you may believe that this device acts as a form of backup for your computer hard drive in case your files are lost or in case you want to move music and media from one computer to another. Unfortunately, the fact is that this is not necessarily the case. If you have data such as music files stored on your iPhone and you plug that phone into a new computer and try to sync it with the iTunes music and data files on that new computer, you will be unable to do so. iPhones and other related iDevices can sync only with one iTunes library at a time. You will also find that you are unable to plug in your iPhone or other iDevice and use it as an external drive to transfer data from the phone to your computer. For example, although the iPhone, iPod or iPad will show up as if it were a drive when you plug it in to its USB cable, you can't just drag data and information off of it and onto your machine. The inability to plug in your iPhone or other device into a new computer and simply move files from that device over is very frustrating to many people. After all, you own or have purchased the data and information that is found on your iPhone and related devices and you may feel as if you should have the right to do with the data what you wish. Not only that, but many people who are unaware that their iPhone is not a backup device may find themselves furious when their hard drive crashes or they get a new computer and they are not able to restore their files from their iPhone onto the new drive or device. Unfortunately, because of copyright laws, there is more to moving music, movies and files off of your iPhone than just plugging it in. It is, however, possible to find a solution to this issue. There are programs available from trusted third parties that can free up your data so you can move it off of your device and onto your computer where you need it to go. These programs, essentially, give you back the information that is yours and allow you to use your iDevice in the way you intend- as a means to back up and protect your music files and to move those files to new computers when you need to.
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