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Recommended USB CAPI Devices for transmitting

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-08
Depending on the company size, one or more reliable phone lines are essential for creating a powerful corporate communication system. As ISDN phone line connection enables to use the same pair of wires for multiple services, it offers you cutting-edge opportunities. For creating an ISDN connection, a CAPI compatible ISDN device is required. This article recommends you some of the most reliable instruments. While you can easily initiate phone calls from your mobile phone at any time and any place, corporate communication requires some configurations in the IT infrastructure. In order to transmit data, voice or video in the most efficient way, first and foremost, you need to apply a phone system specialized in the business communication. Today's most widespread phone systems are IP-based systems, they are also called IP PBXs. They make it possible to initiate and receive voice or video calls, send emails, conduct video conferences, etc. The most up-to-date systems allow SMS messaging as well. For transmitting calls, you need to setup a VoIP service provider connection, an analog telephone line connection (PSTN) or an ISDN phone line connection. You can select the right connection option by considering the quality of your internet connection and the availability of the services. If your internet connection is unreliable and week, VoIP and ISDN connection is not really recommended for you. In this case you can use PSTN connection, but you need to install separate Service Providers to each phone line. However, if your internet connection is powerful enough, you can use VoIP connection that transmits your call/SMS/data from your PBX to the Service Provider through the Internet. Or you may use ISDN phone line connection, which forwards your calls directly to the Public telephone network by using a CAPI compatible ISDN card or a USB device. Such a flexible phone system as Ozeki Phone System XE enables all of these connection options. I used this software as a reference for examples of this article. This article focuses on the ISDN phone line connection type and it recommends the most suitable CAPI devices that can be used for this purpose. As numerous devices are available, due to its popularity and ease of use, this writing concentrates on the USB devices. How the USB CAPI device can be configured in the corporate phone system To setup an USB CAPI device, first you have to attach it to your PC by using an USB cable, plug it to the socket then connect the phone line into the proper port. Recommended USB CAPI devices for creating a powerful ISDN connection This section enlists some USB CAPI devices that can be used with Ozeki Phone System XE software for transmitting calls. The most reliable and stable CAPI devices are the AVM Fritz! equipments. Keep in mind You can connect your phone system to the public telephone network by using an ISDN phone line connection. For making and receiving calls through ISDN you can use a CAPI compatible USB device that is attached to your PC with USB cable.
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