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recalls this week include flashlights, bicycle shocks, usb chargers, modular storage bars

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-27
More than 8,000 Halloween flashlights with special lenses are recalled as they overheat and melt.
Other products recalled this week include bicycle shocks with incorrect adjustment directions and USB chargers that may melt.
Here\'s a more detailed look: flashlight details: signature design for a Halloween image projector.
The projector is a flashlight with a lid that comes with a special lens that can project information and images onto a wall or other surface.
The projector comes with three lenses: an orange lens with a black Jack Lantern, a yellow lens with a black bat and a purple lens with the words \"cheat or treat\" in black.
Clear label with \"signature design (HK)
China Ningbo Co. , Ltd. , 14-121-
02,05/2014 \"white printed on the side of the handle opposite the orange on/off switch.
From September 2014 to October 2014, they were sold at the Meijer store.
Reason: The flashlight may overheat and melt the plastic handle, causing the risk of burn.
Accident: A report says the flashlight is overheating and the plastic handle melts.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 8,600.
For more information: Call 800-927-
8699 visit www at any time. meijer.
Com and click on the product recall at the bottom of the page for more information.
Bicycle shock absorber details: Cane Creek bicycle rear shock absorber sold by dealers and retailers worldwide from May 2014 to September 2014.
The impact is marked with a pattern that incorrectly identifies the direction of high-speed rebound adjustment (HSR)damping.
By turning the regulator counter, the HSR on the impact is reduced-
Rotate clockwise and increase.
The opposite is presented for incorrect graphics;
Add (+)and minus(-)
Switch symbols.
Consumers may be misled or confused when adjusting the HSR to cope with these shocks.
The impact comes from black anodized aluminum, marked with the words \"online\" in the air, can be partially impacted and connected to a complete-
Hanging Mountain bike frame.
The recalled product has the serial number of the following range on the lower side of the top valve body: AA00002-
Aa072. 4 and SA00077-SA03926.
The following mountain bikes have also sold these shocks: 2015 Alutech-
2015 Banshee Tofane-
Phantom and fire spray, 2015 Bianchi-
2015 Canyon-methanol 29Spectral 140 -27.
5 and 29, hard CF, 2015 Ghost-
AMR riot 130, 2015 guerrillas --
Gravity Megatrail 2015 Ibis-
Ripley\'s top 2015-
Tracer, Carbine 29 and Spyder 29 Comp, 2015 Knolly-
Warden Nicolai-2015.
Helius, 2015 Norco-Sight Carbon 7.
Month, 2015 Nukeproof-
Orange TR, 2015 Orange-
Fifty-five, twenty-nine, 2015-
The endurance races are B and 29.
Reason: the shock absorber is marked with graphics and incorrectly identifies the adjustment direction of the high-speed rebound (HSR)damping.
Following these instructions can lead to unexpected behavior in the suspension of bicycles and pose a risk of falling for cyclists.
Incident: four complaints from customers, one of which involved a report of bruises in the middle section.
How much: about 5,000 in the United States, about 500 in Canada: sugarcane Creek bicycle parts (844)490-3663 from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Monday to Friday or online on wwwcanecreek.
Click Security and recall to get the recall information.
Plastic suction cover details: Water plastic designer Pro Series plastic suction cover with model 640-
52 xx S, printed on the top of the plastic outer edge.
From June 2011 to June 2013, they were sold at pool and spa dealers nationwide.
Details of the specific spa contained in the recall can be found on the drain water suction cover and can be detached from the spa Wall, posing a trapping hazard to consumers.
Event: separation was covered in 70 drainage reports.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 26,000.
For more information: Call 866-719-
6044 or visit www.
Plastic water.
Com and click \"recall\" under \"resources\" for more information.
Usb chargersdetails: Tectron month-in-
1 USB charging cable for charging iPhone 4S/4G/3GS/3G, iPhone 5, iPad mini/iPad4 and android phones. The 10-
The white wire at the foot has a USB plug at one end.
3 plugs on the other end: 30-
The first generation of the IPad and the pin plug of the iPhone 4S and early models;
Lightning plugs for iPhone 5 and above and iPad 2 and above;
And mini USB plug. Item NO.
The USB29B is printed on the label outside the pouch.
From July 2014 to August 2014, they were sold to school fundraisers by distributors.
Reason: The charger will overheat when used, causing fire danger.
Event: two incidents reported the USB charger melting.
There were no reports of casualties and property losses.
How much: about 55,000.
To learn more: Call tectoron International 844-582-
3152 or visit www. tectronint.
For more information, click recall \".
Modular Storage BARSDETAILS: Wall-
Mounting storage Rod made of medium size
Density board with oak finish, allowing connection of hanging storage accessories.
The storage rod is sold in two sizes; long and short.
The long pole is 36 inch long and the short pole is 23 long.
Long 5 inch.
Accessories for sale separately including black metal mesh basket, key hook and S-hooks.
The store bar has SKU number 491996 (long)and 491997 (short)
Printed on the UPC sticker on the product packaging.
There is no label for the product itself.
They are sold nationwide and online at cost prices in the world market and in stores in the world market. worldmarket.
From June 2014 to August 2014.
Reason: When the weight is applied to the storage Rod, the screws that fix the mounting plate can be pulled out of the rod, allowing the storage rod to fall, posing a hazard of injury.
Event: A short storage stick was pulled from the wall, according to a report.
There were no reports of injuries.
How much: about 7,000.
Telephone charges plus 877 of the world market-967-
5362 or visit www. worldmarket.
For more information, please click on product recall \".
Personal emergency system details: Visonic amber pendant MCT-212 GS LA S (315)
Gs la (ENR and Visonic Amber kit)315)KIT2.
The kit contains pendants and base stations.
The Visonic Amber personal micro transmitter pendant enables consumers to remotely signal to their personal emergency system to send requests for assistance.
The label on the back of the pendant lists the part number and serial number.
Recall pendant part number sold separately 0-
102511 and serial numbers 0114147681 to 4313226157 and 4513346942 to 5113063274.
Pendant models for sale as part of the kit are 0-
102371 and serial numbers 0114147759 to 3313297879 and 3713561718 to 5113063339.
From May 2013 to July 2014, they were leased by Life Alert emergency response to consumers who subscribe to alarm monitoring services.
Reason: the exhaustion of the acceleration circuit of the pendant battery can cause the battery life to decline and be shorter than the expected \"low battery\" warning cycle, from 30 days to 9 days warning cycle.
Event: no report.
How much: about 29,200.
For more information: Call 800-223-
0020 or visit www. visonic.
Com, then click North America under the solutions and products tab, and then click Product News for more information about the recall.
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