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Reasons to Turn UV Water Sterilizer Black

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-08
1 The foreign matter keeps inside Many UV water sterilizer products basically apply the mixed gas by mercury vapor pressure with other abnormal metal types. Such gas is put into the vacuum glass with infrared heat lamps. Before the mercury gets completely evaporated, it would be with particle shape inside the tube. Other metals will be on the wall like dust. In the transparent tube, such phenomenon is quite clear. 2 Turning black by launching the device For the new lamp tube or the one without long-time utility will not be used for a long time, black cloud will be created from the part of filament. It would be the mercury steam. Such kind of gas will gather surrounding the filament and get evaporated when getting heated. The gas will evaporate up through the tube surface and turn faded until disappear. 3 Mercury is attached on the tube surface The mercury in the UV water sterilizer will get condensed in coldness. It is with the feature to collect on the bottom position of tube. Therefore, the coldest position or the place close to air condition machine will be with the trace of mercury pollution. Such trace is left by repeat evaporation of mercury. And the change is normal. 4 Black spot on cold end After a short term of utility, UV water sterilizer will be with black spot on the edge. When UV water sterilizer gets longer time for use, the black spot will become bigger and bigger. Such situation could get obvious on energy-saving tubes. The reason is that: when the sterilizer tube gets thinner, the related power would turn bigger, filament will be longer, and the filament electrode will get closer to the tube wall. In every time of preheating process, the ions will easily attach on the tube surface to form black spots if there is excessive amount of bombardment. 5 Ring-shaped black circle After the long-time use, the metal halide of UV water sterilizer would be with a black ring. That is caused by heavy ions from negative pole. If they fail to approach positive pole in time, the ions will collect on the tube surface. 6 Tube gets color changed In the manufacturing process of UV water sterilizer, hydrogen elements will be kept due to incomplete heat baking and exhaust pumping crafts. The mercury will also get mixed to deteriorate the quality and pollute the fluorescent powder and medical bulbs. During the launching process, sodium will be separated out from the glass tube and then combine with mercury to form mercury sodium alloy. Such alloy will gather in the fluorescent powder to change the powder quality.
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