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realme 3 pro review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-26
Realme launches the third
About a month ago, a generation of Realme 3 smartphones tried to acquire Xiaomi\'s Redmi Note 7.
At the press conference, the company also teased about the upcoming performance --
The version-oriented mobile phone is called Realme 3 Pro.
Not surprisingly, this new model competes with Redmi Note 7 Pro.
Xiaomi has long dominated the mainstream smartphone market in India, making it Realme\'s biggest competitor.
Considering Realme 3 Pro\'s predecessor Realme 2 Prowas, Realme 3 Pro has some pretty big shoes to fill in and is still a solid choice in the price space.
The competition with Redmi Note 7 Pro will not be very smooth either, as Xiaomi has already provided 48-
Starting with Rs, the megapixel rear camera, glass body and powerful Interior. 14,000.
Realme 3 Pro does have some trump cards and it\'s time to see if it\'s possible to beat the biggest opponent.
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At first glance, one might mistake the new Realme 3 Pro for Realme 2 Pro because they all have similar designs in terms of display and button layout.
However, after careful examination, some differences became apparent.
The most obvious thing is the curved back plate, which gradually leans to the side and blends in with the polycarbonate frame of the phone.
The rear panel on the Realme 3 Pro has a slightly curved side, mixed with the side frame of the phone.
The rear panel is still made of an injection.
Molded plastic, but we did get some new colors and subtle patterns that are said to be inspired by the track.
The color option we have for review is nitro blue, it has double color
Blue and purple finishes, but you can also buy this phone with a more sober carbon gray or another gradient finish called Lightning purple.
The Realme 3 Pro won\'t be too wide, which makes it comfortable, but it\'s high, so the arrival notification shadow is usually two-handed affair.
172G, not too heavy, 8.
3mm thickness, easy to carry in your pocket.
The buttons are placed thoughtfully, so they are arranged well with our fingers, with a 3.
5mm headphone socket, Micro
USB port with one speaker at the bottom.
Realme 3 Pro has two slots for Nano
Both the SIM card and the microSD card exist at the same time, so there is no need to sacrifice the second SIM card if you need to extend the storage.
Realme 3 Pro has some cool color options. 3-
With the exception of the relatively fat chin at the bottom, all sides of the inch display have fairly thin baffles.
Realme uses the full ip panel hereHD+ (1080x2340)
Resolution and Gorilla Glass 5.
The display is clearly visible in the sun with bright colors, good viewing angles and ample brightness.
Like the Realme 2 Pro, there is a gap at the top of the front camera and the headset is on it.
You can also get a screen protection. applied.
At the back, the Realme 3 Pro has a double stacked vertically
Camera module and capacitive fingerprint sensor.
The camera module did stand out slightly, but thankfully we didn\'t notice any chrome lining falling off in our review.
We deliberately use phones that don\'t have plastic boxes bundled to see how the body can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
It stayed fine for more than a week, but we did notice a slight wear mark on a corner at the bottom of the phone.
The fingerprint sensor works fine, as well as face recognition, and works fast, as with most other Realme devices.
There are no headphones in the box, but Realme 3 Pro does come with a quick charger, something Xiaomi still refuses to include in Redmi products.
This phone supports Vivo 3 of Oppo.
0 fast charging standard (20W)
This is handy especially when you have a 4045 battery.
Realme\'s 3 Pro theme is \"speed\" and the company is very positive about the choice of SoC.
This is the first mobile phone in this price field to carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC.
In terms of brute force, Snapdragon 675 in Redmi Note 7 Pro still has a slightly superior CPU power, but the 710 has an advantage with its better integrated graphics capabilities and more powerful capabilities
Production efficiency.
In theory, it should allow better battery life when using heavy-duty applications and games like cameras.
The Realme 3 Pro comes with ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 PieRealme, which offers two phone variants.
You can get 4 gb of RAM and 64 gb of storage using basic variants, with 128 GB of storage at the top for 6 gb of RAM-
To conclude, this is the variant we are reviewing.
While the amount of storage you get should be sufficient for most people, you have the option to extend it to 256 GB using a microSD card.
This phone also supports dual 4g VoLTE, dualband Wi-Fi 802.
11ac, Bluetooth 5, FM radio, USB-
OTG, GPS and standard sensor kit.
The Realme 3 Pro runs on the ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie.
It even came with the Android security patch of March 2019.
ColorOS 6 has a new look and we recently saw it when testing Realme 3.
You can change the navigation key to Google Pixel 3-
Style can slide buttons, or get rid of them completely for gestures.
A quick swipe up from the home screen gives you access to your app drawer, and as with previous colonos iterations, you can play a lot of motion and screen gestures.
Realme continued to pre-install a lot of third-
Party apps such as Web novel, NewsPoint, chat, but all of them can be uninstalled if needed.
Realme Share is the company\'s answer to the Apple AirDrop.
It allows you to share files quickly between compatible Realme devices.
You will see this option when you try to share any files in the gallery.
We tried it between Realme 3 Pro and Realme 3 and it worked great.
We used Realme 3 Profor a little over a week and found the overall performance stable.
Fast interface, good multi-task processing.
Realme does point out the firmware (RMX1851EX_11_A. 1. 0)
In our review unit is still a pre-
In the release, the retail department will update the software and add some fixes and features.
Realme 3 Pro has a striking chin, but in general one of the promised fixes is Widevine L1 DRM certification (
Our unit is currently only L3 certified)
This will allow you to stream video from apps such as Netflix at higher resolution than HD.
We also got a 960fps guarantee.
Sports video mode (
We received it later through an update)
And improved bokeh in the camera app in the final firmware.
The media plays well and the video is colorful.
The level of black is acceptable.
The volume of a single speaker is large enough to play the media, although we would like to have a second speaker in order to get the right stereo effect.
When watching a video, the areas on both sides of the gap are usually hidden, but you can force the app to fill all available space from the settings.
As a \"pro\" model, we expect Realme to work with USB types
But unfortunately, we still insist on using microUSB port.
Heavy-Duty games also run well.
PUBG Mobile defaults to high graphics presets with smooth gameplay without any stuttering or delay.
Other games like F1 Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legends also run smoothly.
The phone won\'t be too hot even after a long meeting, which is good.
The Realme 3 Pro may lack a large sensor for the Redmi Note 7 Pro, but it is still packed in a size-appropriate 16-
A megapixel Sony imx5 19 sensor with f/1. 7 aperture.
This is the same as the sensors used in some high-end phones such as OnePlus 6 t (Review).
There\'s another level 5-
Pixel Depth Sensor for Mobile phone portrait mode. Click to view full-
The size of the Realme 3 Pro camera sample Realme 3 Pro captures very good detail in the landscape shot during the day.
The color is slightly improved, but this makes the photos more \"popular\", especially when shooting on cloudy days.
We find clarity a bit lacking, even in certain parts of the focused theme, but this is only noticeable when you zoom in all the way.
Macro is also very clear and detailed. the artificial intelligence Scene Recognition of mobile phones can quickly identify the most common objects such as flowers.
In the case of insufficient light, the shutter speed of the camera is greatly reduced, sometimes down to 1/10 times per second, so it is not easy to capture moving objects such as pets.
However, the details are good when your theme is still.
On the other hand, the scenery does not look very good when shooting in automatic mode.
In the case of very low light, the focus is generally soft.
However, the night scene mode of the mobile phone comes in handy here.
It takes a second or two longer to take your photo than usual, but the end result is a clearer image with better details.
Zooming in still shows slightly blurry edges and is cleaned
But as long as you don\'t crop too many of your images, images are usually very useful.
The depth sensor does a very good job of edge detection, and even in the case of low light, we get a very pleasant view effect.
The night scene mode of Realme 3 Pro in action (
Click on full size image)
Realme 3 Pro has a 25-
A million pixel selfie camera with f/2. 0 aperture.
In good light, we managed to take some good pictures, and HDR works well if you shoot against the light.
However, in the case of insufficient light, the image usually looks flat and a bit rough.
The phone did a poor job of applying bokeh in selfies, making them considered artificial.
The Realme 3 Pro can shoot videos at 4 k resolution but is not stable.
During the day, the image is of good quality and the color reproduction is also good.
In the evening, the quality dropped a bit, but the noise was still handled very well.
However, the video stabilized at 1080 p resolution.
The camera app is simple in design and easy to use.
Other shooting modes available include time lapse, expert, Pano and Slo-mo.
The phone also features a chroma boost mode that improves color and brightness when shooting a backlight.
Realme 3 Pro received another firmware update at the end of our review.
Nothing changed, but the camera app did get a shooting mode of 960fps.
When you switch to slow
From the camera app, you can now choose between 120fps or 960fps.
The former was shot at 1080 p resolution and the latter at 720 p resolution.
However, videos taken at 960fps are not scaled to fit the screen even in landscape mode during playback, which gives you black bars on all sides of the video.
You also have to time your lens because there is no automatic
The capture function and the lens for a few seconds are stretched to a clip of 10 seconds.
Overall, the quality is decent when shooting in plenty of light.
Stable battery life.
In our HD Video cycle test, 4045 of the battery lasted 14 hours and 13 minutes, very good.
Normal use usually involves a bit of gaming, watching videos, using chat apps and surfing the Internet, and we can spend the whole day easily with just one charge.
The fact that even gaming or using the camera will not have a big impact on battery life is good.
The VOOC quick charger can charge the battery from zero to 90% in about an hour, which is impressive.
It is worth noting that the VOOC charging needs to be bundled
USB cable and normal cable do not work.
VerdictThe Realme 3 Pro is a good iterative update on Realme 2 Pro (Review)
At launch prices similar to the previous model, you\'ll get larger batteries, slightly improved cameras, new color options, and a more efficient SoC.
Existing owners of Realme 2 Pro should not feel that there is a need for any upgrade as the proceeds are not that big.
While the improvements we see are welcome, Realme can do more to really crush the Redmi Note 7 Pro (Review).
We \'d like to see a USB Type-
Port C, the back of the glass, and maybe even the AMOLED display. Low-
The optical camera performance of the front and rear cameras may also be better.
If you\'re looking for a smartphone, it\'s perfect for games that don\'t get Rs.
20,000 then Realme 3 Pro is a great start.
You can also get a good set of cameras, reliable battery life and features-
The packaged operating system is a good choice.
In some ways, the Realme 3 Pro is better than the Redmi Note 7 Pro because the UI has no spam and no heating issues.
On the other hand, Redmi Note 7 Pro does feel a premium due to the back of the glass.
We are making a detailed comparison of the two phones, so if you want to help make a decision between the two smartphones, Please also keep an eye on it.
Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro: We discussed this on our weekly technical podcast Orbital, which you can subscribe to via Apple podcast or RSS, download the episode, or click the Play button below.
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