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Real Spy Gear The Equipment to Your Secret Life

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-08
Do you want to lead a secret life like your favorite spy Agent 007 in the movies? A lot of people are simply fascinated with how James Bond work and the type of gadget he uses. If you are someone like those individual that wants to have their own real spy gear to personally use in whatever they deem necessary, today, in the real world, you can have the same similar gadget that you have seen in the movies. Before it was an illusion, now it is a dream comes true. With the innovations in technology, we can never lag behind. So if you want to know what real spy gears are available? Read on! Available in the market today are several real spy gears: spy cameras and counter spy gadgets. In the category spy cameras, you can avail of a Necktie Wireless Hidden Camera, LCD Digital Camera Binoculars, and Wireless Helmet Camera. Moreover, GPS Jammer Blocker is also great counter spy gadget. Necktie wireless hidden camera: As neckties are usually a part of an outfit, a hidden camera for surveillance purpose is a nice camouflage and disguise, as the very minute the camera can be installed therein without inviting suspicion. Available necktie wireless camera comes with a video receiver portable, hidden and wireless. The receiver has a 128MB memory which is expandable through SD cards up to 2Gigabytes. Installed in this necktie gear is a 2.5' LCD display. The video receiver-recorder is wireless, very tiny yet very powerful. In fact, the camera has high quality color features high resolution, even with minimal lighting. It is user-friendly as all you have to do while covering video footages is press record. The package includes the hidden camera tie, a charger, earphones, wireless receiver/recorder cum view screen AV and USB cables. LCD digital camera binoculars This gadget makes your surveillance easy you can view directly through the lens or through a flip up view screen. It has a build-in zoom to view long range target. It can capture photos and record video footages either in image or video formats. It has a TV output jack that gives you the possibility for a playback of what you have recorded. You can just plug it to your TV monitor and all the things you recorded come into view. It can be mounted on a tripod for better shots and it has an internal memory of 31MB with an expandable external memory of 2GB (SD Card). It can be used with PAL or NTSC. The photo and video are of high resolution. The package includes the camera binoculars, a USB cable, carry case, lens cloth, CD software and RCA video. Wireless Helmet Camera This gadget is very useful in filming covert action and operation. It is used in sports hands free coverage, while video out is of high quality. The wireless helmet camera is made of high quality aluminum with sensitive sensor and design to sustain medium to high impacts. As it is very durable, it is operational even during bad weather condition. The wireless helmet camera is a design of quality and performance. In addition, it also has a viewfinder to enable you to adjust to the different viewing angles. It is a high action camera but very user-friendly. Buying this will include the fastening strap, CD software, detachable viewfinder USB cable, power supply adapter and suction mount assembly. Keep in mind that you may not be James Bond or other famous secret agent, but you can realizes this dream by owing one of the real spy gears that is available now.
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