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rcmp, border agency deny searching huawei executive\'s phones, electronic devices

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-18
Lawyers from the RCMP and Canada\'s Border Services Agency denied allegations that their officials had searched Huawei executives Meng Wanzhou for mobile phones and electronic equipment after a border official wrote her password.
A joint response to Meng\'s civil suit on Monday said a border official asked Meng for her phone number and password in case he was asked to search for the equipment for customs or immigration purposes.
Neither border officials nor RCMP officials checked their contents, the report said.
RCMP and United States of AmericaS.
The Justice Department never asked or advised border officials to make any specific inquiries before Meng received an American extradition order, her rights were read out and arrested at Vancouver airport on December.
1. response status.
\"It makes no sense for the plaintiff to accuse her of a violation of her franchise rights, that the defendant acted illegally and that she was injured,\" the company said . \".
Lawyer Meng was not available on Wednesday.
Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, said in a statement that it still believes that the Canadian justice system will provide Meng with an opportunity to get a complete exemption.
None of the charges in legal proceedings have been confirmed in court.
The US government wants Bangladesh to face criminal charges for violating sanctions against Iran. The U. S.
The Justice Department has charged Huawei and Meng with conspiracy, fraud and obstruction, the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the company\'s founder.
Her extradition process in Vancouver has heightened tensions between Canada and China.
Meng\'s civil action B. C.
The Supreme Court has accused her of \"grave violations\" of her constitutional rights and has accused officials of detaining and questioning her for three hours before informing her of her arrest.
The lawsuit says RCMP officers and/or delegates from the United StatesS.
The Justice Department arranged for Canadian border officials to delay the delivery of arrest warrants to her \"under the guise of routine border checks.
\"The lawsuit calls for damages for false imprisonment in connection with her detention, search and interrogation at the airport on multiple occasions where government officials allegedly failed to comply with the rule of law.
The joint response said that although the RCMP informed border officials of the arrest warrant, they only checked Meng and his luggage for Immigration and Customs purposes.
It said border officials had no right to immediately enforce extradition orders on their own and that it was appropriate for RCMP not to interfere with customs procedures.
The reply also said there were three.
An hour\'s inspection by border officials is not uncommon.
After Meng landed, border officials confiscated her two mobile phones at the request of the RCMP, who asked to put them in bags so that no data could be removed remotely, the court document says.
Any mounted police officer or representative of the United States at any timeS.
The Ministry of Justice \"requires or recommends that the CBSA pursue a specific (or any)
Inquiries were made with the plaintiff during customs and immigration.
\"Meng told border officials that she planned to drop some items at her home in Vancouver during her stopover to Mexico.
In response, when she entered a statement at a kiosk Pavilion, she was marked by the border service for a secondary review due to the extradition request.
Border officials found a laptop, a tablet, and a USB storage device, which they put on the counter in the secondary inspection area and there.
When the RCMP entered the room where Meng was being held, they took control of her belongings, including electronics and paper containing her phone password.
\"The RCMP did not receive any information obtained by The CBSA during the plaintiff\'s immigration and customs inspection, except for a piece of paper containing the phone number and password, the statement said. A B. C.
The Canadian Justice Department said the Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing on Thursday to set the date of the Meng extradition hearing and process more applications.
Meng is not expected to attend in person.
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