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RCA Cables

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-01
RCA cables, also known as the RCA connectors had got its name RCA from Radio Corporation of America which was the first company to introduce these cables. RCA cables have been used right from the 1940s and still get better and more efficient too. It firstly came into existence to replace audio device connector cables. Then later it was further used to connect mono graph players to an output device. The plug to which these cable are connected are known as the 'phono plugs'. The RCA cables consist of 3 plugs each of different colors to show differentiation. Usually it is yellow, white and red. Each one is for different purposes. One is for the video output and the other two are for left and right speakers for stereo or otherwise just one of them is enough for mono. The plug with a protruding end is called the male plug. And there is a ring of metal or copper or some sturdy element so that there is not much of shakes and disturbances to the plugs connection. Most of the DVD players, MP3 players and related devices use these cables only. PlayStation and other gaming devices also use RCA cables. There is one common disadvantage in RCA connector cables. Each device you add on to your output, more of the RCA cables are needed. And all of them consist of three wires and there is definitely a chance for messy appearance in the concerned place. All the wires get entangled and it becomes very confusing to straighten them out.
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